Meet XAFARI from Galaktikasoft - a business platform designed to quickly build advanced business applications with an n-tier architecture. This middleware class solution is fully based on the eXpressApp Framework (XAF), which is essentially a set of best patterns & practices for building desktop LOB apps using DevExpress controls for both Windows and the Web.

Technically and like the community-driven eXpand Framework project, XAFARI is built on top of XAF and provides many reusable modules and powerful tools for various verticals. The following image depicts how XAFARI is constructed internally:

Xafari Structure

Advantages of Xafari

Xafari has proven itself through the years across multiple production applications used by countless organizations around the world. Business owners and end-users alike value XAF and Xafari for the rich collection of pre-built vertical market solutions, its extensibility, and a number of generic extensions. Most powerful examples include custom docking panels, advanced batch editing and security management, as well as new ASP.NET MVC module and Performance enhancement. Another Xafari advantage is its documentation. You can easily find detailed feature descriptions with screenshots, code samples and videos for complex functionality.

Xafari Documentation

What Galaktika executives say about XAF’s role in their business?

Sergey Zaycev, head of development for the XAFARI platform:

"I think that we use 100% of XAF capabilities while implementing our projects. We mainly deliver Windows and Web solutions to our clients, and actively use the multi-database systems support provided by XAF and XPO. In particular, we deploy our solutions on Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, while also using in-memory database support for creating demo versions of our apps. I want to note that XAF’s architecture is well-thought in terms of expansion of standard features of the platform – there are simply countess extensibility points and methods. Proper use of design patterns developed into XAF platform itself allowed us to create a large number of custom modules and components that are easily and naturally integrated into the framework. It’s also worth mentioning that XAF Workflow module allowed us to simplify Microsoft WF integration (we use this in some of our projects) and served as the basis for our custom tailored workflow solution for organizing documents flow.
We should particularly say about Domain Components (DC) The suggested concept of describing data model together with the idea of ​​ modular construction of the final application, allows us to realize our ideas to the fullest. Defining business objects through interfaces instead of classes allowed us to use multiple inheritance, which, in my opinion, is critical when implementing large projects with a large number of applications built on the same platform.
In general, using XAF platform has significantly cut our costs and spared us of the need to develop our own ORM system and framework.
I hope to prepare a case-study in the future, to provide more technical details and information on our experience with DevExpress."

Alexander Burgardt, Vice President at Galaktika:
"As the leader and curator of Galaktika EAM, I can confirm that DevExpress XAF platform is very comfortable, modern and advanced, can really quickly build solutions, and, in addition, a lot of changes in the system can be made by end-users, even without programming, but simply by configuring forms, algorithms and business processes. Finally, I want to say that, in addition to the existing systems, Galaktika Corporation will develop its new products on Xafari platform."

About Galaktikasoft

Galaktikasoft (https://galaktika-soft.com/) is a part of an international Galaktika Corporation that has more than 25 years of success developing control systems in Russia, CIS, Europe and the Americas. According to the "Russia Enterprise Application Software 2016-2020 Forecast and 2015 Vendor Shares" study by IDC, Galaktika Corporation is in the top five for enterprise management systems (others in this list include SAP, 1C, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics).