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                                  • UPDATED: The full list of client-side API you can find here: Api Reference

                                    The KB article shows you how to customize the Web Dashboard launched on the client side. For instance, you can set the Web Dashboard's working mode, subscribe to the events or customize extensions.
                                    To learn how to embed the Web Dashboard in the HTML5 JavaScript application, see the following KB article:
                                    T532254: How to create the HTML5 JavaScript Web Dashboard application.

                                    The code below shows the Web Dashboard's most commonly used settings with default values. You can skip these settings during the Web Dashboard configuration. The only mandatory property is the endpoint that configures an URL where the Web Dashboard's server side is hosted.

                                    var dashboardControl = new DevExpress.Dashboard.DashboardControl(document.getElementById("web-dashboard"), { endpoint: "/api/dashboard", //e.g., "" workingMode: "Designer", // values: "Viewer" | "Designer" | "ViewerOnly" encodeHtml: true, initialDashboardId: null, initialDashboardState: null, limitVisibleDataMode: "Designer", // values: "Designer" | "DesignerAndViewer" | "None" loadDefaultDashboard: true, onDashboardBeginUpdate: function(args) { }, onDashboardEndUpdate: function(args) { }, onItemBeginUpdate: function(args) { }, onItemEndUpdate: function(args) { }, showConfirmationOnBrowserClosing: true, extensions: { // The Web Dashboard's extension is a separate JS class that // implements the IExtension interface and contains the required funcionality. // To learn more about extensions, see // 'url-state': { includeDashboardIdToUrl: false, includeDashboardStateToUrl: false, }, 'dashboard-export': { allowExportDashboard: true, allowExportDashboardItems: false }, 'viewer-api': { onItemClick: function(args) { }, onItemHover: function(args) { }, onItemSelectionChanged: function(args) { }, onItemWidgetCreated: function(args) { }, onItemWidgetUpdating: function(args) { }, onItemWidgetUpdated: function(args) { }, onItemElementCustomColor: function(args) { }, onItemVisualInteractivity: function(args) { }, onItemMasterFilterStateChanged: function(args) { }, onItemDrillDownStateChanged: function(args) { }, onItemDrillUpStateChanged: function(args) { }, onItemActionAvailabilityChanged: function(args) { } }, 'dashboard-parameter-dialog': { onDynamicLookUpValuesLoaded: function(args) { } }, 'data-source-wizard': { enableCustomSql: false } } });

                                      See Also
                                    T532254: How to create the HTML5 JavaScript Web Dashboard application
                                    T540056: How to create the HTML5 JavaScript Web Dashboard application (example)

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