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Our Optimized Xamarin Data Grid leaves the competition behind.

Do your end users want a mobile Data Grid that scrolls large lists effectively? Do your end users expect mobile apps with smooth scrolling and meaningful animations free of stutter and visual delays?

We believe our mobile Data Grid control stands head and shoulders above the competition. We routinely compare Data Grid performance for a variety of usage scenarios. Our test results consistently demonstrate that the DevExpress Xamarin Data Grid out-classes the competition – in many instances, by quite a large margin.

Our goal was simple: Create and deliver the fastest Data Grid for the Xamarin platform.

Vertical Scrolling - 1K Records, Simple Layout with Auto Height


Vertical Scrolling - 1K Records, Complex Layout with Auto Height


Vertical Scrolling - 1K Records, Complex Layout with Fixed Height


Data Grid configurations used for testing:

Layout NameLabel FieldsImages

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