10 Ways to Simplify UI Testing

29 July 2020

This webinar has been completed and recorded. To start the webinar video, use the player below or follow this link.

Beginner (100)
Paul Usher

Join Technical Evangelist Paul Usher and see how you can easily incorporate UI testing in your development workflow. In this presentation, Paul will show you how TestCafe can be leveraged to deliver high quality web apps that always meet end-user expectations. You'll discover:

  • How to setup TestCafe and start testing in under 10 minutes.
  • How to create customizable tests that can easily evolve as business requirements change.
  • The purpose of Custom Selectors and why they make web testing so much easier.
  • The purpose of the Page Model approach and why it helps increase productivity.
  • And you’ll learn how to master use of Smart Assertions.

End-to-End web testing made easy. TestCafe Open Source and TestCafe Studio are driver free and do not require you to manage complex plug-ins. If you’re ready to test your web apps and want to deliver more reliable solutions to your end-users, be sure to click the link below and register your interest in this live webinar.