Using a JavaScript library with Blazor

16 July 2019

This webinar has been completed and recorded. To start the webinar video, use the player below or follow this link.

Intermediate (200)
Paul Usher
Julian Bucknall

Microsoft’s Blazor library promises a great deal for ASP.NET C# developers, but since it is so new (and unreleased), there are gaps in supported native libraries for it, whether commercial or open-source. Join Paul Usher, Technical Evangelist, and Julian Bucknall, DevExpress CTO, and they gingerly wade into the deep waters of using a well-regarded, open-source JavaScript widget library with Blazor. They’ll show how to merge the library seamlessly into a Blazor app, get data into (and from) the JavaScript widget, how to interface that widget with standard Blazor controls on the same page.