Introducing TestCafe Studio

30 April 2019

This webinar has been completed and recorded. To start the webinar video, use the player below or follow this link.

Medium (200)
Paul Usher
Julian Bucknall

In this webinar, Paul Usher and Julian Bucknall will demonstrate the capabilities of our new end-to-end web testing IDE – TestCafe Studio. They will start by downloading and installing TestCafe so you can see how easy it is to set it up. Once TestCafe is installed, Paul and Julian will demonstrate how to record and edit a test using TestCafe’s integrated Visual Test Recorder. You’ll see that little to no coding knowledge is required to use TestCafe, yet JavaScript code-behind can be generated as the test definition. Finally, Paul and Julian will run their tests in multiple browsers and on a remote device in parallel. Throughout the entire session, Paul and Julian will point out important differences between the new product and its predecessor - TestCafe v15.1.

Whether you’re already using our open-source TestCafe engine and are looking to delegate test tasks to Q&A professionals, or you’re using TestCafe v15.1 and considering an upgrade, or you’re simply looking for a web testing tool – join us to learn how TestCafe Studio can fit into your web testing workflow.