Getting Started with DevExtreme, Angular & Ionic

01 May 2018

This webinar has been completed and recorded. To start the webinar video, use the player below or follow this link.

Beginner (100)
Julian Bucknall
Paul Usher

Join Technical Evangelist Paul Usher and CTO Julian Bucknall as they take you through all the steps to get started building cross platform applications using DevExtreme, Angular and Ionic. In this session you will learn how to:

  • set up your dev environment (VSCode, NodeJS, NPM, Ionic);
  • configure VSCode for real time debugging;
  • create a new application using the Ionic CLI;
  • add new pages and integrate into menu system;
  • implement custom search pipes;
  • generate RESTful providers for reading / writing data from web services;
  • leverage DevExtreme UI controls providing stunning UX including Calendar, Charts, Toast notifications.