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Self-service BI for Business Users


HTTP API for Developers

DevExpress Report & Dashboard Server cuts the development and IT workload as it enables users to create and manage documents (reports and dashboards) on their own.

Our solution empowers your employees to gain useful business insights and make data-driven decisions based on proprietary data visualizations created with the intuitive Report & Dashboard Designer interface that lies at the heart of our Report & Dashboard Server.

Use the Report & Dashboard Server as an additional distributed backend for your web app with BI capabilities inside - retrieve documents from the built-in repository of reports and dashboards, and deliver documents to users.

The Web Administration UI is built around public HTTP API endpoints that you can also use from within your application: endpoint calls allow you to manage users, export documents, configure jobs and even data models. You get full control of the Report & Dashboard Server through the API.

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Document Distribution

The DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server allows you to use the built-in job scheduler to create, manage and distribute static and interactive documents (reports and business intelligence dashboards) across the enterprise.

Job Scheduler features include:

  • Document delivery via email, link sharing or publishing to a network folder
  • Customizable email message templates
  • Document generation/rendering in PDF, Excel or other supported formats
  • Recurrent or single-run jobs
  • Job execution intervals from hours to years
  • Report bursting

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After 25 Years of professional windows development I have never seen a library like DevExpress. AWESOME! Ingolf Mönch
Document Distribution - Report and Dashboard Server | DevExpress


The DevExpress Localization Service allows you to translate the texts and captions in the following Report and Dashboard Server elements:

  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Report and Dashboard Designers and Viewers
  • Error Messages

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I've had a very positive experience with both DevExpress Products & Support. Having used your products for several years they've helped me deliver better solutions / features in a shorter time. Ian Logie
Globalization - Report and Dashboard Server | DevExpress


The Reporting and Dashboard Server user interface is easy to use and designed to simplify the process of creating user accounts.

  • Windows Authentication
  • Server Authentication (login credentials)
  • External Identity Providers (OpenID Connect, WS-Federation, Azure AD)

You can also activate self-service registration for new users, which automatically adds an account the first time a user logs in.

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We have been using DevExpress products for over 5 years and been delighted with the results. DevExpress have helped us to develop an enterprise-ready labour management solution. Geoffrey Jones
Authentication - Report and Dashboard Server | DevExpress

Integrated Security

The flexible content access system allows the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server administrator to customize access rights as needed and grant access to specific documents to specific users. For a quick start, the system includes 4 unique built-in security groups related to the document creation process.

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I would tell anyone that asks that the Developer Express service and support are world class! I always know with 100% confidence that I will get a response from the support team in a timely manner and that they will persist with me to work through my questions and problems! Jonathan Barksdale / Untether, LLC
Integrated Security - Report and Dashboard Server | DevExpress

Easy Data Model Management

DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server lets you manage data models through the addition of a provider-specific connection string and the use of the Query Builder to select tables and design queries. What used to take hours can now be done in a few clicks. The list of supported data providers includes:

  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Firebird
  • Google Big Query
  • Amazon REDSHIFT
  • Teradata
  • OLAP
  • JSON
  • XML, and more...
Easy Data Model Management - Report and Dashboard Server | DevExpress
Native Blazor Report Viewer, DevExpress

Native Blazor Report Viewer

Powered by our core reporting engine, our Report Viewer is based on Blazor (Server & WebAssembly) hosting model and allows you to display, print and export DevExpress Reports in your next Blazor app.

Learn more about Blazor Report Viewer

Avoid Mistakes in Report Creation

Report Design Analyzer helps a user to isolate, diagnose, and address common report design/layout related issues while creating reports both in Visual Studio and End-User Report Designer components.

Learn more about Report Analyzer
Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET 6 Apps | DevExpress

.NET 6/7 Visual Studio Report Designer

Leverage the capabilities of our market-first Visual Studio-integrated Report Designer while migrating your apps to .NET 6/7 or integrating reports into new applications built for recent .NET versions.

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Enterprise Reporting at Its Best

DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server ships with a web-based Report and Dashboard Designer so you, your team and your users can create reports and dashboards that effectively monitor business outcomes and help make effective business decisions.


Free 30-Day Trial

Purchase the Subscription and Client Access Licenses (CALs)

The DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server can be purchased as a 12-month subscription on a per-server basis. A Subscription includes 15 Client Access Licenses.

Additional CALs are sold in bundles of 5. You can purchase as many as you require. Report and Dashboard Server CALs do not require renewals.

Report & Dashboard Server with 15 CALs
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Frequently Asked Questions

for IT Departments

Where can I learn about the Report and Dashboard Server system requirements?

You can learn about the requirements to deploy the Report and Dashboard Server in the following article: System Requirements.

How is the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server licensed and how much does it cost?

The DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server includes a straightforward licensing model. You must purchase a license to the server itself and individual Client Access Licenses (CALs). You can purchase the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server for $1999.99 (includes 15 CALs). Additional CALs can be purchased in bundles of 5 for $500.

What is a CAL and why do we need it?

A CAL (or Client Access License) represents the right to have an account in the Report and Dashboard Server. Each time a new user is added to the Report and Dashboard Server the available CAL count decrements. Once the CAL count reaches zero, you must either purchase additional CALs, delete a user, or make a user inactive in order to create additional users.

How do we purchase and install additional CALs?

The easiest way to add CALs to Report and Dashboard Server is by navigating to the Report and Dashboard Server Pricing page (use the navigation links above) and by selecting the 5 additional CALs purchase option. Once these CALs have been added to your account, you can re-run the Report and Dashboard Server setup to update the CAL count.

How does the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server track CALs?

The DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server uses the total count of Active users to calculate the number of CALs used from the available pool. In order to free up a CAL you must either delete a user or make a user inactive.

for Developers

Where can I learn about the Report and Dashboard Server API?

The following document describes the Report and Dashboard Server authentication service API: DevExpress.ReportServer.ServiceModel.Client Namespace.

Can I redistribute the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server royalty free?

No. Unlike our .NET controls, our Report and Dashboard Server does not allow you to resell, lease, package, or otherwise distribute the Report and Dashboard Server to a third party.

How can I deploy a solution based on the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server?

The best way to distribute solutions you've built on top of the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server is to purchase a Report and Dashboard Server (with 15 CALs) on behalf of your client or have them purchase a license directly. You are not allowed to install your own copy of the Report and Dashboard Server on client premises as the software is licensed for your organization and not for your client's organization.

Can I use DevExpress products to create my own Report and Dashboard Server?

You cannot use DevExpress development products, such as DevExpress UI Controls, Reporting, Dashboard, or others to create a Report and Dashboard Server product that competes with the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server. DevExpress .NET Controls and Frameworks EULA expressly prohibits this by stating the following in Section 6:


In other words, if you do decide to create a Report and Dashboard Server it must be domain specific (not a general purpose reporting server) or not available for sale.

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