As you already know, wizards are a ubiquitous feature of most Windows applications. Whether designed to break-down complex data entry forms or to provide step-by-step guidance for the end-user, wizards have become an indispensable UI solution for software developers.

With the DevExpress XtraWizard control, you no longer have to deal with mundane and time-consuming issues such as those described above. Simply said, you drop the control and instantly turn your form into a multi-page wizard. All you need to worry about is actual page content and implementing your own navigation logic, if necessary.

: DevExpres XtraWizard
Superior Appearance

Among the biggest strengths of the DevExpress Wizard control is appearance / theme management. By exploiting the features listed below, you can build elegant and highly polished interfaces with ease.

  • With the XtraWizard, you can design dialogs that conform to either the Wizard 97 or Wizard Aero standard...creating standard based UIs has never been easier.
  • The DevExpress WinForms Skinning / Theme engine is unequaled and the XtraWizard fully supports it… cutting-edge interfaces are only a few clicks away and you can be certain that your wizard control will look and feel the same as all other DevExpress controls within your application.
  • By using DevExpress fade in/fade out effects, you can easily enhance your wizard during page transition operations.

: DevExpres XtraWizard
Better Wizard Design Experience

After you've dropped a wizard control onto a form, you are offered a wizard with a minimum set of pages. All service elements (including wizard and page titles, header images, navigation buttons) are created and aligned automatically. All you need to do is provide text and images for these elements via appropriate properties.

With the XtraWizard, all design-time operations are at your fingertips. You can create as many pages as you like via the control's smart tag. To switch between pages, you can use navigation buttons – just as you would do at runtime.

: DevExpres XtraWizard
Better Data Management

If your application requires a straightforward step-by-step guide, then you won't write a single line of code to enable page navigation when using the DevExpress Wizard control. These types of scenarios are automatically supported by XtraWizard. To create a more advanced experience that include conditional navigation or data validation for specific pages, you need only to handle the appropriate control events.

Every wizard page provides you with three events allowing you to validate data, submit changes (when going forward) or cancel them (when going back). These events make your code much clearer and thus easier to generate and maintain.

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