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WinForms Data Grid | DevExpress

Data Grid

WinForms Scpreadsheet | DevExpress


WinForms Charts | DevExpress


WinForms Scheduler | DevExpress


WinForms Ribbon Toolbar | DevExpress

Ribbon UI

PDF Viewer | DevExpress

PDF Viewer

Rich Text Editor | DevExpress

RTF Editor

WinForms Reporting | DevExpress


Windows Desktop Controls

Ready for mouse/keyboard & touch-enabled for tablets.

UI Superhero - Outlook Inspired App, DevExpress


When you need to replicate the user experience of Microsoft Outlook for your next project and want dependable UI tools that perform and behave as expected, look no further than DevExpress WinForms and WPF Controls for the .NET Framework.


UI Superhero - Excel Inspired App, DevExpress


Introduce end-to-end spreadsheet functionality in you next app and easily reproduce the Microsoft Excel user experience with the comprehensive range of award-winning WinForms and WPF Controls from DevExpress.


UI Superhero - Word Inspired App, DevExpress

Take your WinForms and WPF projects to the next level. The behaviors and capabilities you and your users expect from Office are only a few clicks away when you begin using DevExpress Desktop Controls for WinForms and WPF.

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