MySAP 3 AgroBusiness, PT. Skytech Berjaya Metro

Project Name: MySAP 3 AgroBusiness ERP

mySAP3 Agrobusiness ERP serves the needs of the agricultural industry via its intuitive ERP implementation. To help mirror the look and feel of Microsoft Office and deliver the best possible user experience, mySAP3 uses a variety of DevExpress WinForms UI controls.

mySAP3 consists of seven different modules to help manage employees, capital, and revenues. As you can see in the screenshot below, each module is selected from the navigation bar on the left. Once selections are made, the appropriate module is loaded within the main app window. Because mySAP3 relies on the XPO (the DevExpress ORM library), it can connect to numerous database engines.

MySAP 3 AgroBusiness, PT. Skytech Berjaya Metro

Why Did You Choose DevExpress?

We chose DevExpress because we needed a wide variety of UI components for our ERP application. mySAP3 uses the DevExpress WinForms Grid, Ribbon, and Navigation Bar. The app also integrates DevExpress Charting, Reporting, Scheduling, and Reporting.

We estimate that DevExpress WinForms controls helped us save 10 hours per work week for each developer within the company. With the DevExpress WinForms suite, we were able to create a highly reliable ERP solution and bring it to market in the shortest possible time.

Can you describe a specific project challenge you overcame using DevExpress tools?

At present, SAP 4 / Hana holds a dominant position within the global ERP market (followed by Oracle Finance and Ms. Dynamics). To better compete with these major products, we chose to mirror the Microsoft Excel UI as much as possible. The reason we chose this path is simple - experience has shown that end-users love Microsoft Excel.

Our primary development goal was to create an ERP platform that was as easy-to-use and as practical as Microsoft Excel. We wanted to reduce overall complexity and offer comprehensive/user-friendly customization options.

As we began development, we researched the third-party UI component market and found that DevExpress offered the broadest range of WinForms components. With DevExpress controls, we designed and delivered a product that met our goals and exceeded the expectations of our end-users.

Would you recommend DevExpress to a friend?

Yes, we would recommend DevExpress. The DevExpress WinForms library allowed us to create an Office-inspired user interface and to deliver an ERP application that end-users can learn in the shortest possible (an ERP that’s as easy to use as Microsoft Excel).

Thank you Devexpress.

MySAP 3 AgroBusiness, PT. Skytech Berjaya Metro

MySAP 3 AgroBusiness, PT. Skytech Berjaya Metro