DevExpress Case Study: Stijn Van Loo from e-novex

Company Description

e-novex is an IS0 9001 certified innovative web startup for the clinical industry, founded in 2008. We focus mainly on Electronic Data Capture (EDC), using our custom-built e-capture.net platform. We also provide web application and mobile application development services for anyone working with clinical data, while adhering to the stringent legislations that are indigenous to the clinical industry, such as 21 CFR part 11 compliance, MDD (Medical Device Directive) and GCDMP (Good Clinical Data Management Practice).

e-capture.net – The Secure EDC Solution

e-capture.net is an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform to collect clinical trial data. It enables pharmaceutical and medical device companies to collect clinical data via a flexible and easy-to-use web-based interface. The platform allows complex validation of the clinical data, flexible on-the-fly reporting and is fully 21 CF part 11 compliant.

e-capture.net Uses DevExpress Controls

DevExpress - Unparalleled Support among Other Things

One of the focal points of e-capture.net is displaying large amounts of complex clinical data to the end-user using reports and grids. We wanted UI components that were flexible to work with, and fully customizable at the same time.

Another important feature is cross-browser compatibility: we want our users to be able to choose which browser they use. From the start, the DevExpress components have been fully cross-browser compatible which is a definite advantage.

Given the fact that e-capture.net is written in .NET, we had to choose between the three big UI component vendors: <competitor name withheld>, <competitor name withheld> or DevExpress. In the end we chose DevExpress for their unparalleled support, among other things.

There Is an Obvious Time and Cost Benefit

On regular intervals, some user profiles want to export large amounts of data to Excel, PDF or other formats. Using the ASPxGridView to display the data, we could easily implement the XtraReports component to render the data on the server for export.

The filter row in the ASPxGridView, although a bit confusing to most users in the beginning, did garner a lot of supports among our user base.

DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View in e-capture.net

Another feature we provide is the ability to display the complex CRF structure of a clinical study on a single page. The ASPxTreeList component allows us to do just that, with the added benefit of dynamically changing the structure of the list at runtime.

With DevExpress Controls, you get the following:

  • Consistent look and feel throughout the whole application
  • Ease-of-use for the end-user
  • High level of UI customization per clinical study

Using the DevExpress components, we eliminated the time needed to develop custom Grid Views or Tree Lists. Although the learning curve is quite steep in the beginning, there is an obvious time and cost benefit in using third-party UI controls, as they have been optimized to display complex data across different browsers.

What Would You Say If Your Were Recommending DXperience to a Friend?

If you are looking for highly customizable, stable, cross-browser compliant UI controls for .NET, along with a blazing fast and accurate support center, then you definitely need DevExpress components.

Stijn Van Loo