XtraReports Suite is Now Available

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the XtraReports Suite - our next generation reporting platform for Windows® Forms and ASP.NET developers. Engineered from the ground up as a 100% managed reporting platform, XtraReports was written in C# and offers full Visual Studio .NET integration - giving you the ability to design reports in the same exact way as you build Windows® Forms applications. XtraReports uses the same code editor (C#, VB.NET or J#), the same Property Grid, the same component Toolbox, the same alignment toolbar, and ALL available Visual Studio IDE resources - so that you can fully leverage your existing skills and expertise within Visual Studio.

Easy to Learn and Use: Intuitive Designer and API

Among the many issues developers have with today's reporting tools is the learning curve associated with custom report designers. Riddled with quirks and idiosyncrasies, walking through our competitor's report designer minefield can be frustrating to say the least. This reality was foremost in our minds when we created XtraReports - We felt it crucial not to introduce any new design metaphors, simply give you the ability to re-use your current expertise within the Visual Studio IDE to immediately master the use of our product.

Flexibility and Strength

An easy-to-use reporting tools is not worth much, if it cannot give you development options and the ability to address the needs of your most demanding users. Though ease-of-use was crucial to our design objectives, we were committed to giving you all the flexibility and design strength you need to compete in the marketplace.

Whether you need to dynamically create reports or change the behavior/appearance of the report and its controls at the Report, Band or Control level, XtraReports provides you leading-edge capabilities unlike any other product of its kind.

End User Report Designer

No reporting solution is truly complete without an end-user report designer. As such, XtraReports ships with a complete end-user designer which allows you to:

  • Save and restore your report to an XML file or stream.
  • Create your own End User Designer.
  • Immediately preview your report using the built-in Preview and HTML Views.
  • Change the text of a textbox, richtextbox and table cell using in-place editing.
  • Drop fields from the Field List Explorer window to the Report to automatically create a label control bound to this field.
  • A navigation window for quickly navigating through the controls in the report.

All in One - From Windows Forms to ASP.NET

Historically, web based reporting solutions have lagged far behind that of Windows Forms reporting solutions. In addition to functional differences between the 2 unique platforms, web developers are often forced to pay outrageous deployment/royalty fees to a tool vendor.

XtraReports shatters this myth and offers ASP.NET developers the same capabilities as those available to Windows Forms developers. And best of all, with XtraReports, deployment/royalty fees are A THING OF THE PAST.

Once you license a copy of XtraReports, you are entitled to deploy your solution for any supported platform - be it Windows Forms or ASP.NET - without any additional fees!

So how easy is it to render a report for an ASP.NET application...Easy as 1-2-3! Drop an ASP.NET Report Viewer control on an ASP.NET page. Set its Report name property to that of the report you wish to render. Generate the web page.

Deployment is a Breeze

So, you've created your reports and are ready to provide them to your end-users. XtraReports makes deployment a breeze by allowing you to place them into the global assembly cache (GAC) or to deploy the assemblies using "xcopy."

Of course, no discussion of deployment ease can ignore the issues of cost. As mentioned earlier, XtraReports is available ROYALTY FREE. This applies to Windows Forms, ASP.NET and our End-User Designer.

Full Source Code is Available

As the first component vendor to ship a commercial component for the .NET Framework, we shocked many when we offered the FULL SOURCE CODE for all of our components at an affordable price. Our commitment for this option continues with XtraReports. You can obtain the ENTIRE source code for the XtraReports Suite and can rest assured that you will always be in control of your application's destiny.

To learn more about the XtraReports Suite, visit our product information page at: http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Reporting

To download a fully functional trial version, visit us online at: http://www.devexpress.com/Downloads/NET/WinForms/XtraReports

To order your copy, visit our online order form at: https://www.devexpress.com/ClientCenter/Order/?group=.NET

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team