The XtraEditors Library v3 is Now Available

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the XtraEditors Library v3, the newest version of our award winning general purpose component Library for Visual Studio .NET. Like the XtraGrid, the XtraEditors Library was the first product of its kind to be released for Visual Studio .NET and includes a comprehensive suite of individual data editors that can be used for standalone or cell based editing in all DevExpress container controls. It offers the look & feel of today's advanced user interfaces and is certain to provide your applications the highest degree of professional presentation. Don't accept compromises when building your data entry forms - use the XtraEditors Library and see your productivity explode.

Version 3 introduces numerous new features across all components that ship within the library, including Skin support, extensive Masking options, and new components such as the XtraTab Control.

For general information on the XtraEditors Library v3, please visit:

To download a fully functional evaluation version, please visit:

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team