The eXpressApp Framework is Now Available

December 20, 2007 - DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of the eXpressApp Framework (XAF) - a business application framework that fully leverages our feature-complete .NET component technologies for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. XAF is both highly efficient and easy-to-use allowing you to create advanced business applications for today's dominant UI platforms - Windows Forms and ASP.NET.

XAF helps you get started quickly by providing a functionally complete framework out of the box. Based on UI independent Business Classes and Controllers, XAF creates all data manipulation functionality automatically and generates two applications at once - for Windows Forms and ASP.NET - often without writing a single line of UI-specific code. A central configuration facility called the Model completes the picture, allowing you to influence and customize the UI generation process along with many other details, such as localization support across the entire application. For those requiring complex business oriented functionality, XAF offers a host of modules, including but not limited to: Reporting, Scheduling, Data Validation, Pluggable Security Systems and Auditing.

XAF does not require that developers learn a myriad of new skills. XAF is fully integrated within Visual Studio, utilizing project and file templates as well as special designers and a context sensitive Action system based on our DXCore extensibility layer. All templates are available for C# and VB.NET.


The eXpressApp Framework has three primary requirements:

  • DXperience Enterprise 7.3.5 (our complete range of .NET components)
  • Runtime support for .NET 3 (there's no need to have the .NET 3 development tools installed, and the resulting applications will *not* require .NET 3)
  • DXCore 3.0.2 or higher (shipped as part of the XAF distribution)

Important Note: DXCore 3 is no longer compatible with Visual Studio 2003. In addition, it cannot be installed in parallel with previous versions of DXCore (v1.x and v2.x). The XAF installer will install DXCore v3 and uninstall previous versions of DXCore and related products (CodeRush and/or Refactor!). For those that are using CodeRush and Refactor!, a new version will be made available, so you can continue to use these products (the new versions of CodeRush and Refactor! are based on DXCore v3).


XAF will be made available in our new DXperience Universal product SKU. Available for $1999.99, DXperience Universal includes all Visual Studio related products currently offered by DevExpress.

To learn more about DXperience Universal visit us online at:

Those with active DXperience Enterprise subscriptions at the time of this release will be offered a free one year license to XAF.

Downloads and Resources

Licensed eXpressApp Framework users can download the release via our Client Center.

For general product information, trial versions, technical references, and migration strategies from older versions, visit the XAF web page at:

If you have any questions, need help starting an XAF project, or have technical support issues, please write to us by email at or visit our online Support Center at:

Thank you and Best Wishes
The DevExpress Team