Visual Studio® 2008 Support

Support Across Our Entire .NET Product Line

DevExpress is proud to announce that Visual Studio 2008 support has been introduced across our entire .NET product line - including all Windows Forms and ASP.NET Components, Visual Studio Productivity Tools and Business Application Frameworks.

Our updated installations automatically determine whether Visual Studio 2008 is installed and if so, your registered products will be directly integrated within the IDE. All required components will be added to the Toolbox and all advanced design-time features will be available to you within Visual Studio 2008.

To help with your transition and port projects, we include a Project Converter tool which allows you to update your Visual Studio 2005 projects to Visual Studio 2008.

As always, we welcome your feedback/comments and our support team is ready to help you transition your projects to Visual Studio 2008.

Best wishes,
The DevExpress Team