Silverlight Menu and Toolbar Control by DevExpress Available Royalty Free

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The newest Silverlight Control from DevExpress will be released free of charge, with full source code.

Glendale CA - DevExpress is proud to announce the first public beta of the AgMenu Suite for Silverlight – a full featured menu/toolbar control for the Silverlight platform. The DevExpress Silverlight Menu Suite allows you to enhance your Silverlight applications by incorporating static menus, toolbars and context menus with ease. These UI elements share the same set of advanced capabilities, including a variety of animation effects, unlimited levels of hierarchy and flexible appearance control for each individual item or sub-menu.

Key features include:

  • Popup Menu Control - a standalone control allowing you to enhance your application's usability with context commands.
  • Flexible Appearance Customization - if you need to change the look and feel of menu items, you don't necessarily have to assign the same template to each and every item in the hierarchy. AgMenu allows you to specify menu-level and submenu-level settings so you can enable common templates for items, sub-menu items and separators.
  • Reading Menu Structure from XML Files - menu hierarchy can be described in an external XML file that can be bound to the menu control. Data binding is specified in XAML, so no coding is required.
  • Animation Effects - when showing submenus, DevExpress Silverlight Menu controls can use three different animation effects - fading, sliding and scrolling.
  • Submenu Scrolling - if a child list doesn't fit into the browser window, scroll buttons allow end-users to access all commands in that list.
  • Checked Items - menu items can support checked and unchecked states thus indicating to end-users if an option is been enabled.
  • Radio Group Items - DevExpress Silverlight Menu controls allow you to join items into radio groups, thus allowing only one item in a group to be checked at a time.
  • Full Support for Templates - menu content customization has no limits since you can use Templates to embed any content into items and submenus.
  • Toolbar Emulation - with the DevExpress Silverlight menu, it's extremely easy to create Microsoft Office style toolbars.

"With the release of the AgMenu Suite, DevExpress continues its commitment to the Silverlight development community," said Julian M Bucknall, DevExpress CTO. "Both the AgMenu and the AgDataGrid are being offered free of charge and without royalties so that developers can develop compelling business solutions today for this new development platform."

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team