Announcing the ExpressSpellChecker v2

The DevExpress Spell Checking Library for the VCL

DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of the ExpressSpellChecker v2 - the DevExpress Spell Checking Library for the VCL. With this release, we've extended the market-leading capabilities of our Delphi and C++Builder Spell Checker Control with the following new features.

New Hunspell Format Attributes

The following format attributes have been added to the Hunspell-based dictionaries:

  • Compound words and options for compounding
  • Twofold suffix stripping
  • Extended affix classes
  • Homonyms
  • Prefix-suffix dependencies
  • Circumfixes

These attributes extend the range of dictionaries that can be seamlessly used with the new version of ExpressSpellChecker.

Complex Language Dictionary Performance

The following changes have been made to improve the performance of complex language dictionaries:

  • An improved algorithm was implemented to significantly reduce the memory use for such dictionaries.
  • A new load algorithm specific to these dictionaries was developed. As a result, load time has been reduced substantially.

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The DevExpress Team