Announcing DevExtreme 13.1

Glendale, California - April 29, 2013 - DevExpress, a leading global software development company, announced today the release of an innovative mobile framework, DevExtreme, designed for developers who want to create stunning, multi-screen applications across platforms and devices. Using DevExtreme tools, developers can now create apps that meet the demands of the enterprise developer and the expectations of a consumer driven (BYOD) world. Using the power of HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript to deliver line of business solutions that look, feel and behave just like native apps, developers will fully experience the power of HTML and JavaScript and start on their path to multi-channel development.

Built for Business at the Core

Business users now expect applications to run across an array of touch-enabled devices. From the iPad to iPhone, Android to Windows Phone and the Surface tablet, DevExtreme bridges the path to multi-device development. Developers can now take advantage of touch-enabled devices to deliver mobile-ready solutions. "Building applications that are touch-enabled is no longer an exception, it's an expectation," said Julian Bucknall, Chief Technology Officer at DevExpress. "Our tools must continue to evolve to meet the expanding needs of developers, at the pace they need them" he said. With DevExtreme Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) support built in applications are even more accessible since apps created with DevExtreme run natively on the target device and are ready for submission to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Data visualization, perfected.

High powered data-mining, WYSIWYG reporting, and multi-dimensional data analysis unleashes the power of information and intuitively presents it to end users. From Pivot Grids to Flow Charts, from In-Grid Charts to Instant Printed Reports, DevExpress tools help developers meet and exceed the demands of their most demanding enterprise clients.

New Tools Raise the Bar

DevExtreme also delivers the tools developers need to create interactive reports and business analytics. The framework offers 30+ touch-optimized, native UI widgets for use in any single page application (SPA). "We just don't believe business reports and dashboards have to be boring" said Seth Juarez, DevExpress Analytics Program Manager. "We are now enabling developers to create business analytics solutions that will impress and inform their customers." Users will experience visually engaging line, area, bar and financial charts & gauges created with DevExtreme HTML5 widgets. Discover what's possible with elegant HTML5 range and value selectors, with Google inspired chart integration. DevExtreme tools also apply device-specific styling for a native look and feel, right out of the box.

Experience Unmatched Productivity

One language, one codebase, across any app means that developers will ramp up faster and deliver apps across an array of devices by using their existing knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript. Because DevExtreme is a single SDK for use with today's most popular platforms for true code reuse developers will realize reduced complexity. Support for Knockout.js means that Model View ViewModel based UI development has never been easier and support for jQuery means that existing and future investments can be fully utilized, without limitations.

Ready for Visual Studio Developers

DevExtreme is also optimized for Visual Studio developers who are ready to target the wide range of mobile devices used throughout the enterprise. Developers who are familiar with the Visual Studio environment can use their existing knowledge and skills to build apps that run across iOS, Android, and the interactive web. Projects will get started quickly with Visual Studio project templates and wizards and it's easy to construct the desired views, with the fully integrated View Designer from within Visual Studio. The built-in device emulator helps to debug mobile apps from inside Visual Studio and the DevExpress Courier App instantly executes the apps using the PhoneGap environment. Build store-ready packages for iOS and Android within Visual Studio, without using platform SDKs or external services.

Free Trial

Developers can download the free, 30-day Universal trial to discover new DevExtreme at

Award Winning Tools

With over 100 awards, DevExpress products have a long history of success with customers. Recently the DevExpress Enterprise Suite was given the coveted award for the Best Desktop Component Suite by the Visual Studio Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards. In addition, DXperience was named Best Component Suite in the 2012 Community Choice Awards at the at the Best of Connections event.

About DevExpress

DevExpress technologies help software developers build high-performance business solutions, see complex software with greater clarity, increase productivity and create stunning applications for Windows®, the Web and mobile devices in the shortest possible time. Learn more about DevExpress at

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