Announcing DXperience v2008 vol 1

Our Feature-Complete Visual Components and IDE Tools for Visual Studio

DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of DXperience v2008 vol 1 - Feature-complete visual components and IDE tools for Visual Studio. Our technologies help you build your best, see complex software with greater clarity, increase your productivity and create stunning applications for Windows® and the Web in the shortest possible time. All of our products come with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee and fully functional evaluation versions are available for download at

With v2008 vol 1, our ASP.NET product line has been extended with 3 new control libraries.

Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET 2.0 - This new control allows you to incorporate rich text editing capabilities into your next web application. The ASPxHTML Editor implements all basic text formatting features, fully supports embedded images and provides two text editing modes - WYSIWYG and HTML code editing.

TreeView-Grid Hybrid for ASP.NET 2.0 - This new control combines the capabilities of tree and grid components. allowing you to build trees with arbitrary data layout within its nodes. From building a simple tree view for web site navigation to visualizing conversations on forums, the ASPxTreeList frees you to deliver the very best possible end-user experience.

Spelling Checker for ASP.NET 2.0 - The ASPxSpellChecker provides you a straightforward way in which to add Microsoft® Office® style spell checking capabilities into your next ASP.NET application. With this control, you need a single line of code to check text within an individual text editor or within all controls in a specified container.

We've also introduced a common set of visual styles that are supported across our entire ASP.NET product line.

In addition to these new controls, the following major changes are available to you:

XtraCharts Suite

  • New Spline Views - Eight in Total: 2D Spline View, 3D Spline View, 2D Spline Area View, 3D Spline Area View, 2D Stacked Spline Area View, 3D Stacked Spline Area View, 2D Full-Stacked Spline Area View, and 3D Full-Stacked Spline Area View
  • New XML Serialization
  • Medium Trust Support
  • Advanced Customization: Separate Titles for Pie and Doughnut Views; Display Text Patterns for Labels;Labels for Zero-Height Bars

ASPxGridView and Editors Suite

  • LINQ Server Mode - The ASPxGridView bound to a LinqDataSource web server control can now function in server mode. In this mode the grid fetches only those records that need to be displayed on-screen - giving you significant performance benefits against very large datasets.
  • Popup Edit Form
  • Various Data Export Enhancements
  • Various Template Enhancements

XtraGrid Suite and XtraEditors Library

  • LINQ Server Mode - When the grid control is in server mode, it delegates all data processing to the server and downloads only those records it needs to be displayed on screen. This allows you to dramatically increase performance against large datasets. Any LINQ query provider is supported.
  • Various Layout View's Enhancements
  • Filter Dropdown Lists with Check Boxes
  • New Component – CheckedComboBoxEdit

eXpressApp Framework

  • Conditional Formatting within List Views
  • Use SingleChoiceAction Items to display Option Trees
  • Error Message Customization within ASP.NET Applications
  • Predefined Values for String Property Editor
  • "Save and New" Action
  • Server Mode for Selected List Views
  • Non-Administrator User Access to User List and Details
  • A Number of New Features Related to Root Module Navigation

Other new capabilities within DXperience include:

  • XtraReports Suite: New Cross-Tab Control, Improved ASP.NET Reporting, New Styles and Style Overriding, Better control over Report layout
  • XtraPrinting Library: Export to XLS - Support for Native Data Formatting
  • XtraPivotGrid Suite: Custom Group Intervals, Drill-Down Functionality in OLAP Mode, Printing in Both Portrait and Landscape Mode
  • XtraVerticalGrid Suite: Property Description Control, Unbound Rows
  • XtraBars Suite: Close Buttons in Tabs when using XtraTabbedMdiManager
  • XtraLayoutControl: Custom Customization Forms
  • ASPxPivotGrid Suite: Data Shaping Improvements, OLAP Enhancements, Data Exchange Enhancements, Header Area Visibility
  • XtraScheduler Suite: Mapping Wizards, Filter Control Integration, Better Time Zone Support
  • ASPxScheduler Suite: Medium Trust Support, Mapping Wizards, Enhanced Client-side API, Popup Menu Customization, Appointment Customization via Templates
  • ASPxperience Suite: New Upload component, Control visibility can now be modified on the Client Side, Style Rendering Optimization, Callback Processing Improvements

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The DevExpress Team