Announcing the New Data Grid Control for Silverlight - DevExpress DXperience v2010 vol 2

DevExpress is proud to announce the availability of its new Silverlight Grid Control in the upcoming release of DXperience v2010 vol 2 – the suite containing award winning and feature-complete Silverlight Presentation Components, Reporting Controls, IDE Productivity Tools, and Business Application Frameworks for Microsoft Visual Studio.

The new Grid Control for Silverlight is a milestone in the efforts to integrate our WPF and Silverlight products in order to increase the efficiency with which we provide the developer community with new products, features, functionality, as well as technical and support resources. In addition to API compatibility with its WPF counterpart, the DevExpress Silverlight Grid Control will include:

  • Over 15 in-place editor controls including: Masked Editors, Lookup Combobox, Grid Lookup, Numeric Editor, Date Editor, Password Box, Popup Memo, Picture/Color Editors, Track Bar, and More
  • Blazing fast performance
  • Horizontal Virtualization – the ability to handle unlimited number of columns
  • Full End-User Customization using built-in dialogs: filter editor, unbound expression editor, group and total summary editors, column chooser window
  • Extendable context menu to enhance end-user customization capabilities
  • Grid Layout Persistence
  • Unmatched and flexible data management capabilities including: Custom Grouping, Sorting, Filtering, Editable Unbound and Calculated Columns Support, Sort by Group Summary support, Group Intervals support, and More
  • Complete customization using templates and styles
  • Five out of the box business skins: Office2007 Blue, Office2007 Black, Office2007 Silver, Light Gray, and Deep Blue
  • Data Input Validation Support including the IDataErrorInfo interface
  • Support for WCF RIA Services
  • Fixed (Frozen) Columns
  • Row and Cell Multiselection

DevExpress is committed to providing a smooth transition to the new Silverlight Grid for developers using the existing AgDataGrid Control. Besides the inclusion of both versions of the grid control in the upcoming installer, the company plans to introduce further migration resources such as documentation, demo applications and video tutorials on the DevExpress Channel.

If you are an existing user of our Silverlight products or are considering DevExpress components for your next project, feel free to write to us at If you have technical questions pertaining to our current product line or the new Silverlight Grid Control, you may reach our online technical support department at

As always, we welcome your feedback/comments and our support team is ready to help you transition your projects to these new products.

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team