Delphi 2007 Versions of DevExpress Products Are Now Available

DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of Delphi 2007 versions of the following DevExpress products:

  • ExpressQuantumGrid Suite v6
  • ExpressEditors Library v6
  • ExpressBars Suite v5 and v6
  • ExpressPrinting System v3
  • ExpressScheduler v2
  • ExpressPivotGrid v1
  • ExpressQuantumTreeList v4
  • ExpressVerticalGrid v3
  • ExpressNavBar v1
  • ExpressLayout v1
  • ExpressSpreadSheet v1
  • ExpressMasterView v1
  • ExpressDBTree v1
  • ExpressOrgChart v1
  • ExpressFlowChart v1
  • ExpressMemData v1
  • ExpressPageControl v2

As always, to install these updates, you must first logon to our Client Center and download our VCL Unified Installer. If you have forgotten your login credentials or need assistance with the upgrade process, feel free to contact us via email at: If you own an older version and need to purchase an upgrade, you can do so via our Client Center or can contact us via email at:

Thank you and Best Wishes
The DevExpress Team