CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET

DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of CodeRush for .NET, it’s award winning IDE productivity suite. Fully integrated with the Visual Studio® .NET environment, CodeRush enhances the developer experience by accelerating developer and team productivity via its integrated suite of technologies. Built specifically for the Microsoft® .NET Framework, CodeRush is engineered to help software developers create more code with fewer keystrokes, see complex software with clarity, and design forms with ease.

Today, software users are demanding more from software engineers. The pressure to deliver more features with higher quality in less time has never been greater. Furthermore, as the complexity of software systems increase, so do the challenges confronting developers. These challenges include a greater number of tedious tasks that consume precious time and can conspire to erode creativity and productivity. DevExpress created CodeRush for VS .NET to help developers and managers meet these increased demands for quality and functionality, by boosting productivity while eliminating tedium.

"Like our .NET Component and Reporting products before it, CodeRush was engineered to take advantage of every capability built into the .NET Framework," said Richard Morris, Chief Technology Officer at DevExpress. “With CodeRush developers can code at the speed of thought and deliver solutions to their end-users in the shortest possible time.”

Among its many productivity-boosting capabilities, CodeRush improves source code readability by visually highlighting important elements while developers work inside Visual Studio®. For example, CodeRush can reveal interruptions in code flow, which are likely to be quite relevant during code maintenance. In addition, CodeRush improves navigation with powerful tools such as stack-based markers, which allow developers to drop "bread-crumb" trails through code and trace their steps back - so loose ends don't get left dangling. CodeRush also has fuzzy navigation solutions, which ensures that developers arrive at their desired destination even when target details are sketchy.

CodeRush for .NET is available today for $249.99 with full support for all Visual Studio® .NET languages.

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