A Better ASP.NET Grid Control

Our Newest Release for ASP.NET Developers

On July 12, 2007, we announced the release of the all new ASPxGridView control - the first grid control of its kind to free the hands of developers from the suffocating limitations of competing products when performing server intensive operations against large datasets.

The power of modern grid controls lies in their ability to perform mining and analysis operations such as data grouping, summary computations, and on the fly sorting. Before the ASPxGridView, these features were always limited in competing products because large datasets meant slow performance and inaccurate results. Developers were often forced to filter large datasets and resort to kludgy workarounds to deliver statistical information to the consumers of this critical information.

The obvious questions we asked when engineering our new grid control were these: What is the use of an advanced grid control if it is unable to consume hundreds of thousands of records and in turn, to elegantly display results based on user initiated actions? What is the use of a grid control if it is unable to offload database server specific operations to the database server? What is the use of a grid control if it makes the life of the developer more difficult and creates unnecessary frustrations for the end-user?

Our answer to these questions is the ASPxGridView – and we welcome you to experience it for yourself.

Best wishes,
The DevExpress Team