Announcing the Newest Grid for Silverlight

Our Newest Release for Silverlight Developers

DevExpress announced today at TechEd 2008 that it will release its upcoming AgDataGrid for Silverlight free of charge to the developer community. The DevExpress Grid for Silverlight has been engineered to fully exploit the power and flexibility of Microsoft's Silverlight platform and will ship with advanced data visualization and data shaping features...from column grouping and sorting, to summary calculations against multiple columns.

"Silverlight represents an exciting new development option for software developers and DevExpress is committed to delivering feature-complete presentation components for this next generation platform." said Julian M Bucknall, DevExpress CTO. "Over the coming months, DevExpress will release numerous controls for Silverlight to help developers deliver compelling solutions and address business needs in an elegant and effective manner."

The AgDataGrid for Silverlight Community Preview will be released in the coming weeks and once released, it will be available for download from free of charge and can be incorporated into any Silverlight application without licensing or royalty fees.

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