Announcing DevExpress VCL 13.1

Our Newest Release for Delphi and C++Builder Developers

Glendale, California — June 26, 2013 — DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of its VCL Subscription v13.1, a fully integrated software development toolset for Delphi and C++Builder developers. The DevExpress VCL Subscription allows you to build your best, see complex software with greater clarity and to create stunning Windows applications in the shortest possible time.

Performance Enhancements

This release includes new multi-threaded algorithms for our data controllers so you can fully exploit the power of modern CPUs when working with large datasets in "classic" data loading modes (when data-aware operations are performed on the client rather than on the server). Tests show that sorting (in the ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressQuantumTreeList), filtering (in the ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressVerticalGrid), and data grouping (in the ExpressQuantumGrid) are significantly faster (twice as fast or more, depending on CPU architecture) than DevExpress VCL 12.2.6.

Improved Touch Experience

13.1 includes a number of UI improvements designed to enhance the touch experience across our VCL controls. Enhancements include touch-friendly UI element size and their touch regions, modified text alignment settings, and other control-specific enhancements - all available with a single Touch mode option within skin and look & feel controllers.

New Carousel Mode in Layout View

This new display mode arranges Layout View cards in an ellipse. Scrolling, panning, or focusing cards moves them along an ellipse curve with animation, transparency, and scale effects to mimic a rolling carousel. A comprehensive set of options allows you to adjust carousel characteristics to your requirements.

Enhanced Server Mode Support

DevExpress Server Mode (a blazing-fast data binding mode for large datasets) keeps getting better. With this release, support has been extended to Microsoft Access and SQLite databases, and the ability to retrieve data using Embarcadero FireDAC - a multi-device data access library.

Grid Pixel Scrolling

The ExpressQuantumGrid now provides flawless per-pixel vertical scrolling in Table Views and Banded Table Views. In Touch mode, the new scrolling behavior is enabled by default.

Office 2013 Ribbon Style and Skin

This release allows you to add the Office 2013 UI experience to your application. To help you get started with this new Ribbon style, IDE templates allow you to create Office 2013 Ribbon style applications and Ribbon forms from scratch.

New Radial Menu

Inspired by Microsoft Office OneNote 2013, the VCL Radial Menu allows you to extend your applications with a new visual metaphor and create easy-to-use contextual and quick access touch-centric interfaces.

Ribbon Backstage View Enhancements

With the new Ribbon Backstage View gallery component and the enhancements to TcxButton and TdxGalleryControl controls, you can create Backstage View panes similar to those found in Microsoft Office 2010 (or later).

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