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Announcing DevExpress Universal 13.2: Award-Winning .NET Development Tools from DevExpress

Glendale, California — December 4, 2013 — DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of DevExpress Universal 13.2, voted best software development suite of 2013 by readers of DevPro Connections Magazine.

With this release, DevExpress continues its decade long commitment to .NET by extending its product line with enterprise-ready capabilities designed to help software developers build next-generation user experiences on the platform of their choice. From Office inspired desktop and web applications, to touch-enabled mobile solutions targeting iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Surface Pro, DevExpress Universal empowers developers and allows development teams to leverage existing skillsets and technology investments to meet tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

"At DevExpress, we remain focused on the needs of .NET developers targeting the WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, HTML5 and Windows 8 platforms," said Julian Bucknall, Chief Technology Officer at DevExpress. "This release includes numerous new tools and key updates across our entire Visual Studio product line. With DevExpress Universal 13.2, our customers can continue to create stunning, high performance applications for Windows or the web and when ready, can move to address the needs of their BYOD world using our touch-enabled controls or the DevExtreme Mobile App Framework."

Touch-First, Modern UI Experiences

Create Modern UI applications without abandoning the WinForms or WPF platforms. Built-in touch/gesture support and touch-friendly application themes, means teams can create elegant solutions and reuse existing code to replicate the Windows 8 UX and simultaneously provide backward compatibility for older versions of the Windows operating system.

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Office Inspired User Experiences

DevExpress Universal 13.2 gives developers the power to easily replicate the Office UX and to create both Windows desktop and ASP.NET web applications for a wide-range of use-case scenarios. From spreadsheets for WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET to the Ribbon UI, DevExpress ships a broad range of award-winning tools built to address the needs of any enterprise and its toughest challenges.

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HTML5/JS Mobile Experiences

The BYOD world is here and DevExpress allows Visual Studio users to tackle the future with its DevExtreme Mobile App Framework. With a touch-optimized user experience, natively rendered widgets, straightforward page navigation, view management, and data access layers, DevExtreme’s single page application (SPA) framework helps developers create iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Tizen applications using HTML5/JS; apps that are ready for online publication or packaged as a store-ready native app using PhoneGap.

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Enterprise Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting

Information is king and DevExpress Universal 13.2 includes the tools today’s innovative organizations rely upon to create high performance decision support systems. From Analytics Dashboards for Windows and the Web to .NET Reporting and the DevExpress Report Server, everything .NET developers need to transform data to its most appropriate, concise, and readable visual representation.

Windows and ASP.NET App Framework

The eXpressApp Framework is a flexible application framework so .NET developers can create powerful line-of-business applications that target Windows and the Web with a single codebase. XAF's scaffolding of the database and UI allow development teams to concentrate on business rules without the many distractions and tedious tasks normally associated with Windows and Web development.

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CodeRush is the JOLT award-winning Visual Studio plug-in designed to help development teams get more done in less time. CodeRush works in all versions of Visual Studio and fully supports C#, VB, JS, XAML, HTML, and CSS. CodeRush is built so developers can quickly and safely solve everyday development challenges that would otherwise take hours to address. Its countless features include a revolutionary debugging experience, presenting relevant information Visual Studio users need, right where they are looking along with the ability to find duplicate code and consolidate it with the most sophisticated duplication consolidation engine available.

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