Announcing DevExpress 13.1

Our Newest Release for .NET Developers

Glendale, California — June 6, 2013 — DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of DevExpress Universal 13.1, a fully integrated software development toolset for .NET developers. From WinForms, ASP.NET and HTML 5 to WPF, Silverlight and Windows 8 XAML, DevExpress Universal allows you to build your best, see complex software with greater clarity and to create stunning Windows, Web and Mobile applications in the shortest possible time.

New for WinForms Developers

DevExpress 13.1 now ships with the following new controls and features:

  • New Spreadsheet Control
  • New Map Control
  • New Data Editors, including Sparkline and drop down Tree-List
  • New Icon Library
  • New Windows 8 Live Tile Manager for WinForms apps.
  • New Touch-Optimized Skin
  • New PDF Viewer Control (preview release)
  • Improved Design-Time Experience

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New for ASP.NET and MVC Developers

DevExpress 13.1 now ships with the following new products and features for web developers:

  • Endless Paging Support for Touch-centric applications.
  • New ASP.NET and MVC Application Theme
  • New MVC Image Slider
  • New MVC File Manager
  • New MVC Captcha
  • New ASP.NET Image Gallery
  • SharePoint 2013 Support

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New for WPF, Silverlight and Windows 8 XAML Developers

DevExpress 13.1 now ships with the following new products and features for XAML developers:

  • New Banded Grid View (WPF and Silverlight)
  • New Chart Wizard (WPF only)
  • Improved Map Control (WPF and Silverlight)
  • New Property Grid Control (WPF)
  • Range Control (WPF and Silverlight)
  • New Icon Library
  • New Windows 8 inspired Controls (WPF)
  • New Visual Studio Application Template Gallery (WPF)
  • New OneNote inspired Radial Menu (Windows 8 XAML)
  • New FlyOut Control (Windows 8 XAML)

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New Document Server

This release includes a new Document Server, a non-visual .NET Library, built and optimized for C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET developers alike. It allows developers to fully automate Excel and Word without using Microsoft Office automation. Generate XLS, XLSx, DOC, DOCx, RTF, CSV and Snap Report files using a straightforward API that's easy-to-use and ready for the enterprise. The DevExpress Document Server also includes a zip compression library and a barcode generation library.

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New for Dashboard

DevExpress Universal includes the DevExpress Dashboard, a powerful business decision support tool. New features include:

  • OLAP Server Mode for SQL Server
  • New Dashboard Theme
  • Printing Enhancements

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New for CodeRush

Our Jolt award-winning Code, Debug, Refactor tool has been updated with the following new features:

  • XAML Support
  • Asynchronous Smart Tag Menu
  • Enhanced Auto-Initialization
  • Variable Declaration Enhancements
  • Debug Visualizer Enhancements
  • Linked Identifier Enhancements

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