DevExpress Wins Dr. Dobbs Jolt Award for Coding Tools

Glendale, California — January 9, 2012 – DevExpress, a leading global software development company, jolts the industry to receive top honors in the area of coding by demonstrating leadership in innovation in their CodeRush productivity tool. With a host of new capabilities in this release, including Duplicate Code Detection and Consolidation, developers can now easily see duplicate code throughout their solution while they work, enabling them to increase the quality of their source code by consolidating duplicates into a single location.

"CodeRush is so expansive, so well integrated into Visual Studio, so darned useful, that it can be difficult to describe all its benefits. Particularly jolting to us this year was its new duplicate code detection, which deftly spots similar routines and helps you consolidate them into one. More than just simple pattern matching, CodeRush works out code duplication very intelligently." - Robert Del Rossi, Jolt Awards Judge

This is the 22nd year of the Dr. Dobbs Jolt Awards. Winners are chosen by a panel of industry experts who put products through rigorous testing. The Jolt Awards in the category of Coding address the past 12 months' innovation in tools that help developers do the actual work of creating code. This category comprises editors, IDEs, code analysis tools, SCM products and debuggers – all products that go straight to the heart of the developer toolbox. The winner is chosen on a number of criteria including quality of implementation, innovation, and whether the product "Jolted" the industry in the previous 12 months.

A Whole New Level of Productivity

Developers will take their productivity to new heights with the next generation of CodeRush. Shipping with the DXperience 11.2 Enterprise Subscription, CodeRush helps developers create and maintain high quality source code with extreme efficiency. Consume-first declaration, powerful templates, smart selection tools, intelligent code analysis, and innovative navigation and an unrivalled collection of refactorings all work together to create elegant and efficient code that is as powerful as a developer can imagine.

Free Trial

Developers can download the free, 30-day trial to experience the power of CodeRush today at

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team