DevExpress Announces DXv2 – Next Generation of Developer Tools

November 29, 2011 - DevExpress, a leading global software development company, today announced DXv2, the next generation of its software development tools. Much more than a single product, DXv2 is a series of releases—beginning with DXperience 11.2—designed to support the platforms developers expect and deliver new controls for the emerging technologies they want. DXv2 helps developers to bridge the gap from today’s tools to tomorrow’s investments.

"We're excited to celebrate the launch of DXv2 with developers around the world today," said Julian M Bucknall, CTO of DevExpress. "Customer and partner feedback was instrumental in shaping this release. The functionality of DXperience 11.2 opens up opportunities for developers looking to bridge to the iPad and Windows 8, and deliver stunning applications in the shortest time."

Enhancements for Everyone

DXv2 puts Touch within reach. From gestures to touch-friendly themes, apps powered by DevExpress controls are now touch-ready. With DXv2 tools, developers can use their existing skills to tap into the growing demand for stunning tablet and touch-enabled apps across all platforms, including Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET. “I am very excited to see DevExpress so laser-focused on Touch. My passion is the Natural User Interface (NUI), and with the new DXv2 release DevExpress has paved the way for developers to build NUI-enabled software easily,” said Tim Huckaby, founder and chairman of InterKnowlogy and Actus Interactive Software. Developers can now build for today as the world begins to re-imagine business applications for the Windows 8 Metro design aesthetic. With tools from DevExpress, users will experience new Tile interfaces that developers can implement in minutes.

Speed and usability are perhaps the most important aspects of a productive web application. DevExpress ASP.NET controls are optimized for exceptional performance and efficient memory use without the loss of functionality or features. And with the new touch capabilities of the ASP controls, developers can build web applications that look like native iOS apps.

Silverlight developers will have access to a new comprehensive report-writing tool that runs within the browser both for end-user customization as well as at runtime. Whether it’s a business intelligence app or Office-inspired solutions, DevExpress continues to innovate with elegant Silverlight controls.

CodeRush is an intelligent code-generation and refactoring tool that provides developers with amazing productivity enhancements. New in this release is the ability for developers to analyze large code bases, find duplicate code, and then consolidate that code. This new feature, called CodeRush Duplicate Code Detection, will simplify the code and reduce the number of bugs in applications.

Award Winning

With over 100 awards, DXperience products have a long history of success with customers. Recently, DevExpress garnered the most awards from the 2011 Visual Studio Magazine’s Readers Choice. In addition, DevExpress was awarded the Best of Visual Studio Award at the Best of Connections event in November.

Free Trial

Developers can download the free, 30-day trial to experience the power of touch-enabled controls, visually stunning applications, and accelerated productivity at

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team