DevProConnections 2011 Community Choice Awards - Vote for Your Favorite DevExpress Products

DevExpress has been nominated in 14 categories in this year’s DevProConnections Community Choice Awards.

Our nominated products are as follows:

  • Add-in
    DevExpress CodeRush
  • Charting and Graphics Tool
    DevExpress XtraCharts Suite
  • Community Resource
    DevExpress Community Site
  • Component Set
    DevExpress WinForms Suite, DevExpress ASP.NET AJAX Controls, DevExpress DXperience Universal
  • Grid
    DevExpress XtraGrid (WinForms), DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View Control
  • Navigation Control
    DevExpress ASPxperience
  • Online Editor
    DevExpress ASPxHtmlEditor
  • Printing/Reporting Tool
    DevExpress XtraReports
  • Scheduling/Calendar Tool
    DevExpress ASPxScheduler, DevExpress XtraScheduler
  • Silverlight Product
    DevExpress DXperience Silverlight, DevExpress DXGrid for Silverlight
  • Training
    “DevExpress Professional ASP.NET Controls”
  • Utility
    DevExpress ASPxSpellChecker
  • Free Tool
    DevExpress Data Editors Library
  • Best Vendor Support

Your support always inspires us, and we are very grateful of your continued loyalty to DevExpress, our teams and our community. If we make the grade for you, please consider voting for us in the 2011 DevProConnections Community Choice Awards survey.

Vote for Your Favorite DevExpress Products

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team