VCL Controls v2011 vol 1 – DevExpress Updates its VCL Product Line

DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of the VCL Subscription v2011 vol 1.3. This release includes updates to the following DevExpress products:

  • ExpressBars Suite
  • ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • ExpressPivotGrid Suite
  • ExpressLayout Control
  • ExpressPage Control
  • ExpressDocking Library
  • ExpressLibrary

To review the complete list of features introduced in this release, please visit:

New VCL Product Delivery Model

With this release, all DevExpress products engineered for Delphi and C++ Builder will be sold on a subscription basis. When you purchase a product – be it an individual suite such as the ExpressQuantumGrid or the full VCL Subscription, you receive one-year subscription from DevExpress for that product and or package. This means that within the first 12 months from purchase date, you are guaranteed to receive product updates, including new features and bug fixes for the product or package you’ve licensed free of charge. When the subscription period expires, you can renew your subscription for an additional year. If you do not renew your subscription, you can continue to use the product you’ve licensed for as long as you wish but you would not receive new versions or updates unless you renew your subscription.

Should you have any questions on this new product delivery model feel free to contact the DevExpress Client Services Team at:

New VCL Product Packages

As part of this release, we've introduced 3 new VCL product packages. They include:

  • ExpressGridPack
  • ExpressQuantumPack
  • ExpressNavigationPack

You can purchase any of these new packages, upgrade your existing license or renew a previous VCL Subscription by logging onto the DevExpress Client Center. Pricing (including discounts based on purchase history) will be available once you login at:

Downloading the Newest Versions

You can obtain the trial version of this release by visiting:

If you are an active VCL Subscriber, please visit:

As mentioned earlier, if you do not own an active VCL Subscription, you can purchase upgrades individually or convert your single product licenses to one of our new product packages at:

Installing the Newest Versions

  • The new installer will detect existing DevExpress VCL builds on your machines, and update them automatically. If you have installed the recent Build 56, we recommend that you remove it prior to installing the release.
  • Should you encounter any issues during installation, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article: FAQ: Migrating to the new version

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you have any inquiries regarding the information seen here, feel free to contact us via email or our online Support Center.

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team