WinForms Controls – Announcing DXperience v2010 vol 1

DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of DXperience v2010 vol 1 – award winning and feature-complete WinForms Presentation Components, Reporting Controls, IDE Productivity Tools, and Business Application Frameworks for Visual Studio.

The following is a brief list of new WinForms product features introduced in DXperience v2010 vol 1:

Changes Across the Entire WinForms Product Line

  • Full Support for Visual Studio® 2010 and .NET Framework Client Profile
  • New Office 2010 Blue, Black and Silver Skins / Themes

WinForms Toolbar-Menu and Ribbon Control

  • Microsoft Office® 2010 Style Ribbon Theme
  • Tabbed MDI Enhancements
  • Alert Window Enhancements

WinForms Charting Control

  • Side-by-Side Stacked and Side-by-Side Full-Stacked Chart Types
  • Annotation Support
  • Chart Legend Enhancements

WinForms Rich Text Editor

  • Table Support (currently in beta)
  • Header and Footer Support
  • Regular Expression Support for Find/Replace Operations

WinForms Pivot Grid

  • Compact Layout for Hierarchical Row Values
  • Data Summary Expression Editor

WinForms Scheduling/Calendar

  • Automatic Time Cell Sizing within Reports
  • Smart Sync within Reports

For a complete list of the new controls, features and options available to you with DXperience v2010 vol 1, visit DevExpress online at:

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team