Visual Studio® IDE Productivity Tools – Announcing the Newest version of CodeRush v2009 vol 2

DevExpress is proud to announce the newest version of CodeRush – voted the Best Visual Studio Add-In by Readers of ASP.NET Pro Magazine for 3 straight years.

CodeRush for Visual Studio® helps you create sophisticated code blocks in seconds and extend code templates instantly. CodeRush completes identifiers as you type and expand or contract selections logically. With CodeRush, you will be able to instantly place selected code inside Try/Catch blocks, Regions and your own custom wrappers with ease. You can even reverse the logic of selected code and revisit important points within your code instantly (and effortlessly swap between locations).

If you've not yet experienced the power and flexibility of CodeRush, visit the DevExpress Channel for tutorials that demonstrate how you can become more effective and efficient within the Visual Studio IDE instantly.

New capabilities in CodeRush v2009 vol 2 include:

  • Significantly Improved Performance

    A new symbol cache, built the first time you open a solution, improves the speed of subsequent solution parses dramatically. Now the speed to go from opening a solution to being able to refactor anywhere in that code base increases by 200%-500% for large solutions. Details on performance improvements can be found at:

  • Reduced Memory Consumption

    CodeRush v2009 vol 2 uses dramatically less memory. Project symbols are now cached, and only loaded when needed. Recently-accessed members are kept in memory, while stale members are aggressively released. As a result, customers with large solutions can expect reductions in overall memory consumption by 100MB-200MB.

  • Manual Load and Unload
  • XML Settings Storage Engine
  • Preprocessor Directives Support

For a complete list of the new features and options available to you in DXperience v2009 vol 2, visit DevExpress online at:

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team