Release Notes

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What's New in Help - eXpressApp Framework v2008 vol 2.4

New Features/Updates

eXpressApp Framework
  • S30555 - FileAttachments.Win: Introduce a capability to implement a custom algorithm to open an attachment with the help of some application

Resolved Issues

eXpressApp Framework
  • B97187 - Action localization doesn't work in Windows Forms applications
  • B96946 - ActionContainers.Web.Navigation: An "Unable to assign a disabled item" exception occurs when opening an object with denied "Navigate" access from a lookup editor in an ASP.NET XAF Application
  • B96299 - ActionContainers.Web: A SingleChoiceAction action should not be shown as a DropDown if it only has one item
  • B96963 - After executing a Parameterized Action, its customized AcceptButton and CancelButton captions are used for other Parameterized Actions
  • B97176 - Built-in Actions do not have a default caption
  • B96636 - Connection to a Report Parameter is lost
  • B96968 - Deleting from the DetailView raises an exception
  • B97246 - FileAttachments.Win: A 'File cannot be found' error occurs when trying to open an attachment from the 'FileAttachmentPropertyEditor' or with the help of the 'Open' action
  • B97309 - In a Web lookup window that contains the Search functionality, column customization is not applied correctly
  • B96885 - In ASP.NET applications, letters on tabs are too small
  • Q183519 - In ASP.NET applications, TextBox editors get very narrow when setting the RowCount property to a value greater than 0
  • B96961 - InvalidOperationException is raised when the ApplicationModulesManager.UpdateModel method is called
  • B32244 - It's impossible to invoke the Model Editor after rebuilding a Visual Basic solution in Visual Studio 2008.
  • Q184136 - Large long numbers are rounded incorrectly
  • B32433 - Localization: it is impossible to localize permissions without the modification of sources
  • B96892 - Localization: localized values should be shown in the Filter drop-down list of a grid column (ASPxGridView and XtraGrid)
  • B32197 - Lookup editors for properties with the DataSourceProperty attribute don't work correctly in the New Item row of a grid
  • B32117 - MDIDemo: the Diagnostic Info and Rules Info items are displayed more than once
  • B97392 - NullReferenceException is raised within the XpoTypesInfoAdapter.FindTypeInfo method
  • B32509 - Reports: A designed XRLabel loses its link to a parameter when a XAF report is loaded
  • B96925 - The Lookup Property Editor displayed in a ReportParameters Detail View doesn't work
  • B31888 - Web: A new user must not see navigation history of a previously logged user

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