• Controls - User interface in the DXCore and DXCore-based products now use the 6.3 versions of the Developer Express Xtra Controls.
  • Vista - Issues with Windows Vista have been corrected.
  • Visual Studio - DXCore icon now appears on the Visual Studio splash screen.

New Features

  • ASP .NET Support - Early experience support for ASP .NET is now included in the DXCore.
  • Navigation Links - New type of link used by several new refactorings (e.g. Add Parameter).
  • Options - New Editor\Code Style\Scope options page for specifying default scopes for new declarations, used in CodeRush templates.
  • Options - New Editor\Painting\Code Previews options page for specifying how code should be emphasized in code previews (like on the CodeRush References tool window).

Plug-In Authors

  • Text Buffers - New text buffer architecture accessible from CodeRush.TextBuffers.

Resolved Issues

  • Crashes - Several edge-case crashes have been corrected.
  • Performance - Performance has been improved in the code parser and the type inferrence modules.

New Features

  • Language Helper- ";" characters are removed when typed at the end of lines in VB.
  • References Tool Window - An extremely fast reference-finding tool (2-10 times faster than our closest competitors), and it’s the only reference-finding tool with a Live Sync option to show all references all the time.
  • Step Into Member - This cool new debugging feature allows you to step inside the member at the caret (without stepping into any other members that might also be on the same line).
  • Tab to Next Identifier - With the caret inside an identifier, press Tab or Shift+Tab to navigate between references.
  • Templates - New "evar" template, for creating events with Add and Remove accessors.
  • Templates - New "dr." template, for creating "DialogResult."
  • Templates - New "c," template, for creating classes that don't have constructors (the "," at the end of a template, by convention, means that it will have a shorter expansion than the same template without the comma).
  • Templates - New c?Type? templates, for creating classes that descend from types with template mnemonics. This is most useful if you’ve right-clicked on types you regularly work and selected the “Use Type in Templates…” menu item. For example, if you had a class called “Employee”, and you assigned a mnemonic of “e” to that type, you can declare a descendant of employee by expanding “ce”.
  • Templates - Static/shared members can now be declared by making the first letter of the template uppercase. For example, “Mb” will create a static/shared function that returns a Boolean.
  • Templates - Parameter templates now add commas if they are missing.
  • Templates - Member and type declaration templates now use the default scope settings from the new Editor\Code Style\Scope options page.
Refactor! Pro

Note: Refactorings that are marked as "Early Experience" can be enabled through the Editor\Refactoring\Early Experience options page.

New Features

  • Add Parameter - New refactoring: Adds a new parameter to a method declaration and updates all calls accordingly.
  • Add Validator - New refactoring: Adds one or more selected Validators to the active input control (the control containing the caret). [ASP .NET only]
  • Boolean to Enum - New refactoring: Converts a Boolean type to an enumeration, updating client code if necessary.
  • Break Apart Parameters - New refactoring: Places each parameter on a separate line.
  • Create Method Stub - New refactoring: Generates a method for the selected call, with appropriate parameters and return result.
  • Extract ContentPlaceHolder - New refactoring: Moves the selected content from a .master page to a new .aspx file, placing it inside <asp:content> tags, and inserts a new <asp:contentplaceholder> tag at the extraction point inside the master page. [ASP .NET only]
  • Extract ContentPlaceHolder (and create master page) - New refactoring: Moves the content that is *outside* of the selection (in the active .aspx page) to a new master page, inserting a <asp:contentplaceholder> tag to reference the extracted content, and then wraps the selection in the aspx page with <asp:content> tags and adds a MasterPageFile attribute to link to the new master page. [ASP .NET only]
  • Extract Function (outside of class) - New refactoring: Moves selected code into a new function within the enclosing namespace. [C++ only]
  • Extract Style (class) - New refactoring: Converts an inline style to a named class style. [ASP .NET only]
  • Extract Style (id) - New refactoring: Converts an inline style to a named id style. [ASP .NET only]
  • Introduce Parameter Object - New refactoring: Consolidates selected parameters into single object. [Early Experience]
  • Move Method to Header - New refactoring: Moves a method from a source file into the class declaration (in the header file). [C++ only]
  • Move Method to Source File - New refactoring: Move a method's implementation to a source file and create a declaration in the header file. [C++ only]
  • Move Style Attributes to CSS - New refactoring: Moves styling attributes from the active control to a new CSS class and applies the class to the control. [ASP .NET only]
  • Move to Code-behind - New refactoring: Moves code located in <script> tags to the code-behind file. [ASP .NET only]
  • Promote to Parameter - New refactoring: Removes all references to the field or a local declaration from the method, replacing it with a parameter. Calling code is adjusted to now pass in the field or expression of the local declaration as the argument for the new parameter. [Early Experience]
  • Remove Parameter - New refactoring: Removes an unused parameter from a method declaration and updates all calls accordingly.
  • Rename - New refactoring: Renames the active local variable, function, method, field, property, parameter, type, namespace, CSS style (ASP.NET), global variable (C++), or macro (C++) and updates all references to the modified element.
  • Replace with Alias - New refactoring: Replaces the type at the caret position with an existing type alias.
  • Split With Statement - New refactoring: Splits a With statement into two, one nested inside the other. [VB only]
  • Surround with Update Panel - New refactoring: Surrounds a contiguous block of text in the source view with <atlas:UpdatePanel …> and <ContentTemplate> tabs. [ASP .NET only]

Resolved Issues

  • Rename - Rename now supports multi-file undo.

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