New Features/Updates

CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • S91999 - Code Declare - "Auto Declare" should skip the "I" prefix before variable declaration when working with an Interface name.
  • S130465 - Code Declare - "Create Implementor" should copy comments for implemented members from the interface
Refactor! Free (VB.NET)
  • S130329 - Disable automatic collapse of property definition in VB
Refactor! Pro
  • S30788 - Add support for "Break Apart Arguments" refactoring to this code
  • S130909 - Extract String to Resource: Sort list of existing resx files

Resolved Issues

CodeRush and Refactor! Pro for Visual Studio .NET
  • B35459 - CodeRush/Refactor locks VS when S#arp is installed
  • B33311 - Installation - Capability issues with VS2003.
  • S130809 - Options - Shortcuts Find dialog - When attempting to find a shortcut using the "Key Shortcut" the command is triggered instead of the key shortcut being detected.
CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • B132293 - "Move to region" does not work well with nested classes
  • B132545 - "Pull Member Up" deposits dependents in reverse order
  • B132473 - "Spell Checker" requires two right clicks to show the Spell Checker menu
  • B133765 - Code Declare - "Add Missing Constructors" doesn't handle a class without a body
  • B133998 - Code Issues - "Property can be auto-implemented" issue should not work in structs
  • B133647 - Code Issues - Applying the "Remove type qualifier" fix prevents the form from opening for visual editing
  • B32418 - Code Issues - Document bar goes out of sync with the editor after changing text
  • B133763 - Code Issues - Exception declarations in catch statements are marked as undeclared elements
  • B34875 - Code Issues - Invoking the "Introduce using statement" suggestion changes semantic of code
  • B34882 - Code Issues - Invoking the "Remove Type qualifier" suggestion changes the semantic of code
  • B132638 - Code Issues - Issues are incorrectly painted on lines containing breakpoints
  • B96461 - Code Issues - Poor performance when there are numerous suggestions/issues in the project
  • B34324 - Code Issues - Setters of several public properties are marked as unused
  • B30609 - Code Issues - TableAdapters are marked as an "Undeclared element" in WebSite projects
  • B132447 - Code Issues - Type.GetField is marked as an Undeclared element
  • B132443 - Code Issues - Work incorrectly for the internal XAML reference
  • B132863 - Code Issues: "Null coalescing operation can be used" wrongly suggested
  • B133730 - Code Issues: "Redundant delegate creation" false positive
  • B132553 - Code Issues: "Redundant 'this' qualifier" should not be shown for extension methods
  • B133649 - Code Issues: Erroneous "Cannot create instance of abstract class"
  • B133110 - Crash Team Suite Database GDR
  • B133179 - Declare Property with extension methods chooses the wrong type
  • B134495 - Editor displays "?" when typing unicode symbols
  • B132518 - Find References causes a crash of VS
  • B132675 - Make Explicit inferring incorrect type on Request.Files(0) in VB.NET
  • DB26090 - Navigation - "Quick Navigation" does not handle Ctrl+V well
  • B132757 - Navigation - "Tab to next references" doesn't work properly with catches
  • B133374 - Navigation - Const fields are not available in the "QuickNav" window
  • B133460 - Navigation - The "QuickNav" feature incorrectly processes the first keystroke with Swedish Dvorak (i.e. non-qwerty) keyboard layout
  • B132696 - Refactoring - "Optimize namespace references" skips extension methods when a non-extended method with the same name is being called
  • B132799 - Templates - "?Month" and "?Day" templates format incorrectly
  • B132490 - Templates - "nd.s,/" template does not expand in a VB module
  • B132986 - Templates - Templates do not expand when the caret is between Doc Comments
  • B134339 - Templates - The "a" template generates incorrect code in the interface
  • B132967 - Typing in the Lambda expression kills Visual Studio
  • B133646 - Сode Issues - Painting for the dark background is incorrect
DXCore for Visual Studio.NET
  • B34760 - The Add New Item window is focused in the DXCore section when displayed in Visual Studio for the first time
Refactor! Free (VB.NET)
  • B132010 - Error messages are shown in German in English VS
Refactor! Pro
  • B132346 - "Expand Lambda Expression" results in unexpected return keyword
  • B34826 - Code Issues: "Initializer can be used" should not be offered
  • B132725 - Compilation error while transforming a delegate without parameters into a lambda expression
  • B132852 - Compress to Ternary Expression offered inappropriately and generates bad code
  • B132422 - Exception when loading or building a solution with a loaded WixServiceSetup
  • S92361 - Extract String to Resource - line breaks (\r\n) are literally copied
  • B132616 - Introduce ForEach Action does not pick up type when using implicit var
  • B132864 - Introduce Setter Guard Clause does nothing
  • B131302 - Refactoring - "Combine Conditionals" and "Introduce Result Variable" refactorings corrupt code containing #Region directive
  • B133545 - Refactoring - "Extract Method" refactoring works incorrectly with lambda expressions
  • B132432 - Refactoring - "Extract String to Resource" adds incorrect prefix for resulting resources
  • B31438 - Refactoring - "Inline Macro" produces incorrect code
  • B133150 - Refactoring - "Inline Temp" refactoring breaks code when the temp is assigned with a ternary expression
  • B132756 - Refactoring - "Method To Property" corrupts code with #ifdefs directives
  • B131224 - Refactoring - "Rename" corrupts code by targeting wrong areas to edit
  • B133754 - Refactoring - "Rename" refactoring removes the event handler from the control
  • B132677 - Refactoring - "Simplify expression" skips type arguments during simplification
  • B133212 - Refactoring - "Split Conditional" refactoring changes the code behavior
  • B132515 - Refactoring - Rename of private member variable does not rename references in private functions
  • B33645 - Refactoring - The IDE hangs for a few minutes when selecting a large "Select" code block and using the "Create With Statement" refactoring
  • B132424 - Spelling mistake: "Add RunAt Atribute"
  • Q138450 - Templates - The "fe" template incorrectly processes IQueryable<>
  • B131101 - Variable-specific refactorings not available when the variable name is selected

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