New Features/Updates

CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • S130191 - "Declare Local/Field" should be able to infer a correct type from a generic method
  • D1965 - Put a marker after outmost closing smart parentheses
  • S130419 - Shortcuts binding poster
DXCore for Visual Studio.NET
  • S91454 - Add an "Under development" option to the new plugin wizard
  • S130320 - DXCore.Solution cache - Keep cache files in the [Documents and Settings] folder
  • A1092 - Extend the behavior of linked identifiers to work with linked words

Resolved Issues

CodeRush and Refactor! Pro for Visual Studio .NET
  • Q35244 - Code Providers - "Declare Property" doesn't work for attribute properties
  • B33745 - Find references does not work with lambda expressions without parameters
  • B30486 - Installation - several DXCore assemblies remain in the Assembly Cache after uninstallation
  • B33930 - VB Templates - The "?" symbol isn't copied to TypeLinks
CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • B33931 - "Add else statement" code provider produces uncompilable code
  • B131639 - "Add Missing Constructors" sometimes generates not compilable code
  • B131805 - "Sort Namespace References" does not consider "Keep System namespace references on top" option
  • B131754 - "Step Into Member" button forcedly added to Standard toolbar
  • B131495 - Bind vs marco to the Escape key does not work
  • B131490 - Code Analysis - In a Web Application project the Context property is always marked as an Undeclared Element
  • B33702 - Code Issues - A base class member is marked as "Undeclared element"
  • B131428 - Code Issues - False positive on Multi-variable declaration
  • B131265 - Code Issues - Incorrect working of 'Undeclared Element' on UnitOfWork.FindObject
  • B131568 - Code Issues - Method flagged as undeclared when passed no-argument lambda
  • B131665 - Code Issues - Painting works incorrectly when Resharper is running
  • B131140 - Code Issues - The "Override member cannot change access rights" code issue is shown when it should not
  • B131465 - Code Issues - The "Introduce ForEach" code issue is recommended for block containing yield return
  • B131219 - Code Issues - The "Undisposed local" code issue is shown for variable returned in DoWorkEventArgs
  • B131238 - Code Issues - The "Undisposed local" code issue is shown when the Using statement is on a row separate from the explicit declaration
  • B131964 - CodeRush parses all the files in my solution (which is large) every time I open VS.
  • B131540 - Declare local and "fe" template work incorrectly in case of nested classes
  • B131527 - Enter does not work with return template
  • B97256 - Exception while invoking "CheckAvailability" when switching to aspx
  • B91358 - Macroses are parsed/painted incorrectly if there is no cpp-file in the project
  • B91094 - MemberIcons Comment feature works incorrectly when method name differs from the name in the region.
  • B131534 - PasteReplaceWord works incorrectly when the "Text Editor\C#\Formatting\Spacing\Set spacing for method calls\insert space within argument list parentheses" option is enabled
  • B34056 - Quick File Navigation contains options related to the Quick Navigation in the Context Menu
  • B131461 - Quick File Navigation window not closed on selection
  • B95908 - Region directives are incorrectly repainted in CodeRush
  • S130474 - Smart Paste - The "Identifier Dot" entry should be processed on the empty line only
  • B131491 - Spell Checker must understand escape sequences
  • B131897 - Templates - "to" should be expanded to System.Object in some contexts
  • B31657 - Templates - It is impossible to expand "v\" and "v/" templates
  • B95579 - Templates - Sub-groups do not work in options unless all parents are fully enabled
  • B95804 - Templates - The "ForEach" template incorectly works with partial classes.
  • B130365 - Templates - The "no" template is expanded without "static" in static type.
  • B19472 - Templates - The "o?Type?" template is expanded within a compiler directive
  • B20439 - Templates - The "t" template cannot be expanded to initialize a field in C#
  • B131531 - The "Declare Event Handler" sometimes generates not compilable code
  • B94341 - The "Member icon" popup menu isn't closed when pressing the ESC key
  • B130946 - VS hangs when loading a solution from a ClearCase server view
  • B91768 - Year, Month, Day StringProviders work incorrectly
CodeRush Xpress
  • B33771 - "Create Method Stub" - In a Linq statement the method parameter type is determined incorrectly
DXCore for Visual Studio.NET
  • B19459 - "Language\XML or HTML" context is not satisfied in VS 2005/2008
  • B34196 - Installation - Item templates should be placed into the "DXCore" folder
  • B132439 - Plugin Manager Toolwindow Crashes VS
Refactor! Free (C++)
  • B132190 - "Extract method" isn't available in C++ in code that contains a macro call
  • B130452 - "Rename" fails in template class methods
  • B131307 - "Rename" is not working in a MFC CDialog derived class
  • B18721 - "Rename" refactoring doesn't process the class name when it is a parameter of a function, which is used as a parameter
  • B93040 - MFC Dialog editor is unable to generate code and throws an error message
  • B95093 - Renaming problem when MACRO is located between class modifier and class name
Refactor! Pro
  • B131166 - "Add missing constructors" does not resolve generic parameters
  • B31091 - "Add Parameter" - A ShortInitialize expression isn't updated when modifying a constructor
  • B34269 - "Convert to Initializer" isn't available when comments exist
  • B131390 - "Convert to Initializer" makes erroneous attempt at including event subscription
  • B130990 - "Create With Statement" works incorrectly for a parameter that is used only in a variable initialization
  • B131649 - "Declare Field with Initializer" works incorrectly with inherited constructors
  • B131457 - "Declare Local" fails to spot second local usage of variable
  • B131505 - "Declare Property (with Backing Store)" fails to render CRLF
  • B131645 - "Extract Interface" incorrectly extracts protected/private accessors of properties
  • B131644 - "Extract Interface" works incorrectly with anonymous delegates
  • B33876 - "Extract Method to Type" does nothing when this.[something] and [something] are used in the same code block
  • S130310 - "Extract String to Resource" works incorrectly in ASP.NET Web Application
  • B131893 - "Introduce local" - replace all does not take into consideration generic parameters
  • B131104 - "Make Explicit" does not determine the correct type when using "My."
  • B131453 - "Promote to Param" produces wrong code for declarations containing XML Literals
  • B131155 - "Pull Member Up" - C++ - The managed code is inserted into a native C++ project
  • B131941 - "Pull Member Up" doesn't move member comments
  • AB16806 - "Rename" - Not all references are processed when renaming a global variable
  • B93102 - "Reverse Conditional" Refactoring works incorrectly with Date values
  • B33803 - "Split Conditional" changes code execution
  • B91205 - "Split Multi-variable Declaration" loses array declaration
  • B132000 - "Widen Scope (promote constant)" is not available for concatenated strings
  • B33312 - Applying the "Compress to Ternary Expression" refactoring leads to a Compilation error
  • B31124 - C++ - Refactor! fails on cross-project refactorings
  • AB16889 - C++ - The "Introduce Constant (local)" refactoring isn't available
  • B131102 - Code Issues - The "Redundant this qualifier" code issue erroneously indicates that "Me." is redundant in "Handles Me.Load"
  • B34221 - CodeIssues - The "Can inline temporary variable" code issue should not be shown for this specific case
  • B96602 - In css files "Rename" does not work in some scenarios
  • B32191 - Selection Inversion adds wrong text after applying
  • B131504 - TargetPicker does not work correctly for the first and last region directives in the scope
  • B32585 - The catch clause is messed up and causes an error

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