New Features/Updates

CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • S20041 - Add Spell Checker Plugin for Code Rush

Resolved Issues

CodeRush and Refactor! Pro for Visual Studio .NET
  • B33750 - CodeIssues - false positives when handling anonymous types
  • Q35450 - CodeRush References windows does not show attributes in the source pane
  • B33749 - Introduce local and Extract Method use wrong type for “new[] { "test" }“
CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • B131153 - Activating Tab to Next Reference for the second time in a XAML file deletes selected entry
  • B131106 - CodeIssues - "Can initialize conditionally" is shown for optional parameter
  • B131127 - CodeIssues - "Member is not implemented" erroneously marks VB Declare Function
  • B131136 - CodeIssues - "Member is not implemented" is shown for DllImport
  • B131203 - CodeIssues - A Nullable parameter in constructor that calls a base class constructor is processed incorrectly
  • B130311 - CodeIssues - ASPX markup is marked as "Unused declaration"
  • B131389 - CodeIssues - False positives with anonymous classes
  • B95594 - CodeRush.Caret.InsideXmlDocComment - incorrectly works in xml comments for VB
  • B96150 - Find References - Xaml Surface control declarations are not tracked
  • B131105 - Scrolling in a textfile when Spell Checker is enabled with "Check only visible text" crashes VS2008
  • B33644 - Smart Constructor - VB - The xml documentation created for the constructor has an error if a class contains the "[Class]" property
  • B131284 - Template for Assert.Equals hangs VS requiring a restart
  • B131208 - Visual Studio crashes with some solutions when Code Issues are enabled
  • B131149 - VS2008 crashes due to a stack overflow caused by CodeRush/R!Pro
  • B131112 - VS2008 crashes with CodeIssues turned on
CodeRush Xpress
  • B131267 - CodeRush Xpress crashes on Refactoring
  • B33710 - CodeRush Xpress crashes when using a property from a class that doesn't yet exist
DXCore for Visual Studio.NET
  • B97396 - References window, Tab navigation and rename not working correctly
Refactor! Pro
  • B131091 - Create Overload doesn't work for method with nullable return type
  • DS42379 - Make SmartTag responds only to the left (Primary) mouse button
  • B131233 - Namespaces needed for extension methods removed by Optimize References refactoring
  • B131101 - Variable-specific refactorings not available when the variable name is selected

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