What's New in 12.2.6 (VCL Product Line)

Feature Highlights

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New Features in 12.2.6 (VCL Product Line)

Known Issues

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Known Issues in 12.2.6 (VCL Product Line)

The following sections list all minor and major changes in DevExpress VCL 12.2.6. Note that products, controls and libraries which aren't mentioned in the list below are included in the unified installer for compatibility, but have not been updated.

Enhancements and Updates

New Features/Updates

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
  • Q484199 - Documentation - Provide an example of how to use the TcxCustomTreeList.Find function

Resolved Issues

VCL Subscription
  • B232998 - Documentation - The OnValidateDrawValue event is not described
ExpressBars Suite
  • Q492229 - Activating an MDI child window always repaints it, regardless of the bar manager's AlwaysMerge property value
  • Q490246 - Changing a bar item's Visible property when a form is being destroyed results in an AV
  • Q489146 - Ribbon - A Ribbon tab group's Caption property does not apply to the group caption if this group is displayed in a popup window
  • Q489457 - Ribbon - TdxRibbonBackstageView - In RAD Studio XE or later, an AV occurs when changing the parent of a currently hidden form with the BackstageView after the form Position property has been set to poDesigned and the toolbar on this form made visible
  • Q486834 - Ribbon - TdxRibbonBackstageView - Invoking the BackstageView does not move focus to it from the currently focused control that resides on a form with this BackstageView
  • B233045 - Ribbon - TdxRibbonBackstageView - Right-clicking an empty space within the left panel invokes the customizing popup menu
  • Q493950 - Ribbon Form - In Windows XP, switching between skinned MDI child windows using Ctrl+Tab displays background windows if merging is enabled and the SupportNonClientDrawing property of the Ribbon control residing on the MDI child windows is set to False
  • Q373762 - Ribbon Form - Restoring down a minimized application incorrectly resizes the Windows Aero Glass frame after the Ribbon form was programmatically hidden when minimizing the application
  • B232887 - Shadows for drop-down windows are painted twice
  • B234839 - TcxBarEditItem - ColorEdit - White color cannot be selected within the editor drop-down window
ExpressDocking Library
  • B233009 - An AV occurs when debugging a docking operation with TdxDockPanel in Delphi 7 if a breakpoint is set within the dock panel OnDock event handler
  • B234038 - Customization Form - Item names cannot be edited if the 'uses' clause includes the dxNavBarAdvancedCustomization unit
  • Q488278 - TcxPageControl - The Properties.TabSheetClass property setting is ignored in a page control docked to a control using its ManualDock method
ExpressPivotGrid Suite
  • Q495313 - Clicking OK within a filter drop-down window using the mouse results in an AV in certain cases
  • B232801 - Documentation - The TcxPivotGridOLAPField.SortMode property is not described
  • Q487923 - OLAP mode - Empty data cells are displayed when a dimension includes a large number of grouping values
  • Q487520 - OLAP mode - The "List index out of bounds" exception when expanding a grouping value of an inner column/row field after an outer field has been hidden in the same area
  • Q485882 - TcxPivotGridChartConnection - Row totals are included to the sdAllShown source data if the pivot grid's OptionsView.RowTotalsLocation property is set to rtlTree
ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • Q479920 - An AV occurs when the View navigator's information panel is resized in response to changing the panel text if the View is not currently locked for updates
  • Q490851 - Banded Table View - The text specified via the View's FilterRow.InfoText or NewItemRow.InfoText property is not centered in the View with fixed bands
  • Q495393 - Card View - Moving a row within a card using drag and drop scrolls the card content up to the first visible row and hides this row under the card bottom edge in certain cases
  • Q487880 - Changing certain properties of the embedded navigator produces painting artifacts
  • Q490502 - Chart View - Stacked column/bar diagrams incorrectly visualize negative values if the diagram AxisValue.MinMaxValues property is set to mmvAuto
  • Q487902 - Documentation - The TcxCustomGridTableOptionsBehavior.CopyRecordsToClipboard property is not described
  • B233429 - Server Mode - Changing the group order and then moving focus from the currently focused group row may result in an exception when debugging an application in the IDE
  • Q488926 - Table and Banded Table Views - In-place cxCurrencyEdit - Auto sizing can be erroneously enabled via EditAutoHeight property settings
  • Q486905 - Table and Banded Table Views - Possible vertical scrollbar issues if View includes preview sections
  • Q491534 - The "<No data to display>" text shown in an empty grid blends with the background if certain skins are applied
ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
  • B234886 - An expanded node displaces its vertical tree line displayed below the node image if this image is narrower than the default indent cell (the image width is less than the tree list's DefaultIndentSize.cx property value)
  • Q492957 - The TcxTreeListSummary.Recalculate method does not recalculate the summary
ExpressScheduler Suite
  • Q486537 - The skinned Scheduler does not paint selected or dragged events that are not adjacent to the timeline bar
ExpressSkins Library
  • B234764 - Alert windows - Window corners are rounded using the Common.AlertWindow.CornerRadius additional property setting if the skin controller's UseImageSet property is set to imsAlternate
  • Q485324 - ExpressVerticalGrid - Row header text is unreadable when exporting grid content if certain skins are applied
  • Q489485 - An AV occurs when saving an Excel document with a workbook containing more than 170 sheets
ExpressTile Control
  • Q490110 - The Back button and the title glyph have an incorrect vertical alignment within the Tile control's title if the glyph is taller than the title text
  • Q488443 - The 'Control has no parent window' exception is raised when clicking the Back button on a tile detail page if the tile control is located on a form whose FormStyle property is set to fsMDIForm
  • B233640 - When dropping a tile item to a new tile group, the tile item is immediately displayed in this group before transition animation
  • B233675 - With certain Tile control's OptionsView.IndentVert settings, a detail page control overlaps the Tile control's title if the title glyph and text are not specified
Common Libraries
ExpressEditors Library
  • B217390 - All drop-down editors - If the native painting style is applied, the first click on the down arrow button does not open the drop-down window that was closed using the keyboard
  • B231657 - All TcxCustomDropDownEdit descendants - A drop-down window may appear detached from its editor to prohibit this window from crossing monitor edges on a desktop that spans across multiple monitors
  • Q488933 - cxDateEdit - The variant value conversion exception is raised when posting a valid editing value if the Properties.EditFormat property is set to "mm.yyyy" and the Properties.MinDate/Properties.MaxDate range is specified
  • Q490912 - cxMaskEdit - The editor does not accept non-Latin characters if the Properties.MaskKind property is set to emkStandard and the mask contains the 'L' character
  • S171163 - cxTrackBar and dxZoomTrackBar - The change buttons remain enabled in a disabled editor
  • Q493102 - Documentation - Incorrect default values of the TcxShellOptions.ShowToolTip and TcxDlgShellOptions.ShowToolTip properties
  • B233815 - In-place cxProgressBar - The Font style applied via the OnGetContentStyle event only to specific records is erroneously applied to all records
  • B234191 - Linking shell controls does not synchronize their root settings
  • Q372947 - TcxEditRepositorySpinItem - The Properties.ValueType property is initialized with vtFloat rather than vtInt that is used in cxSpinEdit controls
  • Q488183 - TcxShellListView - The OnDblClick event does not fire if the Options.AutoNavigate property is set to False
  • Q493416 - TcxShellTreeView - Changing the Options.FileMask property value collapses tree view nodes
  • Q493642 - TdxShellBreadcrumbEdit control allows entering a path of the existing folder that is not a part of the currently selected Root folder when running on Windows XP
  • Q491045 - The TcxBrowseFolder.bfNetHood enumeration value erroneously corresponds to Network Neighborhood rather than to My Network Places
  • Q492107 - A JPEG image loaded from a stream and then cloned by the TdxSmartImage.Clone method is incompletely painted by TdxSmartImage draw routines
  • Q488736 - An AV occurs when closing an application with a statically linked DLL file that contains one or more DevExpress controls if the native painting style is applied
  • Q489278 - Changing the dxFormatSettings.ThousandSeparator property modifies the dxFormatSettings.TimeSeparator property in error
  • Q487518 - Export - Exporting special characters (&, ", <, or >) in the Korean(Korea) locale makes the resulting XLSX file unreadable

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