What's New in 12.2.13 (.NET Product Line)

Breaking Changes

To learn about breaking changes in this version, please refer to the following page:

Breaking Changes in 12.2.13 (.NET Product Line)

Enhancements and Updates

Resolved Issues

All ASP.NET Web Forms Products
  • B238557 - Performance - Application requires several seconds to process a request from IE
ASP.NET MVC Data Editors
  • Q519232 - ComboBox - Further callbacks are not performed after an exception is thrown during a previous callback
ASP.NET MVC Navigation, Layout and Multi-Purpose Extensions
  • Q378908 - Menu - The BorderBetweenItemAndSubMenu property is unavailable
  • Q518029 - TreeList - ComboBoxColumn isn't populated when inserting it if treelist isn't bound
ASP.NET Navigation, Layout and Multi-Purpose Controls
  • B238291 - ASPxTabControl - Metropolis theme - Active tab is not displayed correctly when the TabStyle.Height property is specified
ASPxGridView and Editors Suite
  • Q519326 - ASPxDateEdit - UseMaskedBehavior - The right arrow key works incorrectly in IE9 & IE10
  • Q478406 - ASPxGridView - ASP.Net theming mechanism - Grid loses styles in IE10
  • Q511007 - ASPxGridView - Column resizing does not work correctly in the IE8 Compatibility view
  • Q524111 - ASPxGridView - Some pt-BR localization strings are localized incorrectly
  • Q521367 - ASPxGridView - There are empty spaces in a grid with fixed columns with the cell merge feature
  • Q518444 - ASPxTrackBar - Value is changed incorrectly on increment/decrement buttons' click when the control is placed onto ASPxCallbackPanel
  • Q515713 - ASPxHtmlEditor does not determine selected text style
  • Q520201 - 'Backspace' and 'Delete' keys do not operate correctly in ASPxHtmlEditor when cursor is inside a link
  • Q472672 - Export to XLS produces blank cells in the Excel document
  • Q516607 - OLAP - Pivot treats some KPI as a measure and hence fails to load data on pagination or after applying a filter
ASPxScheduler Suite
  • B238593 - ASPxScheduler does not work in Medium Trust
Coded UI
  • Q521922 - CodedUI Test Builder crashes when recording MSAA controls embedded within DevExpress Controls
  • Q520526 - CUIT XtraTabControl TabPage click coordinates are negative when a previous Page is invisible
CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • Q520010 - Code Rush optimization proposals are sometimes not equal to original code
  • Q510726 - Coderush - Use String.Compare in XPO Simple Syntax
  • B238287 - CodeRush Smart Tag - Menu item is executed twice on a mouse click
  • Q511126 - Conversion from foreach to ForEach is not formatted correctly
  • Q512664 - Options - Search does not work for the "Code Formatting/General" options page
  • Q516554 - Refactoring - 'Reorder Parameters' is not executed
  • Q517166 - Smart Tag - Unhandled exception with the " Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created." message
  • Q517725 - Templates - The r ("return") template does not take into account the function result type when selecting a code block
DemoCenter (.NET Products)
  • Q523152 - DXperience's 13.1.6 demos not launched on Windows XP
DXBars for WPF
  • Q517220 - RowCellMenuCustomization is not triggered for the inherited GridColumn
DXCharts (XPF Common)
  • B238352 - Line between Pie slices is not consistent when the ExplodedDistance value is too small
DXCharts for WPF
  • Q518986 - XamlParseException when editing a ControlTemplate (ChartControl) in Blend 2012
DXControls for WPF
  • Q523084 - Binding of the DXTabControl.SelectedItem property is lost on unloading/reloading DXTabControl
  • Q474534 - Maximized Window exceeds screen bounds
  • Q518264 - The Book.DataSource is not working when Book is in a Custom Control
  • Q491403 - Window icon is clipped when using a MetropolisLight theme
DXDocking for WPF
  • Q379469 - TargetInvocationException when an application loads layout from XML
  • Q522062 - The LayoutPanels' size and position are not restored correctly when the MDIStyle property is set to MDI
DXGauges for Silverlight
  • Q506775 - DXGauge memory leak when the Matrix Model is used
DXGrid for WPF
  • B238643 - GroupSummaryItem is displayed in the GridControl's footer when the GroupSummaryItem's Alignment is set to some value
  • B237504 - Issue with drag & drop in a multi-window application when using TreeListView
DXLayoutControl for WPF
  • Q517485 - FlowLayoutControl/TileLayoutControl - The final layout is rendered for a moment just before item maximization animation begins
  • B21412 - LayoutControl - Visual issues with layout after loading it from XML when an active tab is not the first tab and MeasureSelectedTabChildOnly=True
DXPivotGrid (XPF Common)
  • B232735 - The PivotGridField.KpiGraphic property does not work with a traditional data source
DXPivotGrid for WPF
  • B238139 - Higher level Field Values are not highlighted when expanded even if all corresponding rows or columns are selected
DXPrinting for WPF
  • Q518152 - InvalidOperationException when showing a DocumentPreviewWindow from a second thread
DXRibbon for WPF
  • Q523292 - Moving the quick access toolbar below the ribbon doesn't show all items in the toolbar
  • Q517692 - RibbonItems are aligned incorrectly
  • Q521940 - RibbonPage remains selected after merging RibbonControl with child RibbonControl
DXRichEdit for Silverlight
  • B238211 - Focus is not returned automatically to RichEdit control after a BarEditItem's value is changed
  • B238553 - The ChangedAllList list is cleared before raising the SpellChecker.AfterCheck event
DXRichEdit for WPF
  • Q494813 - Finalizers hold controls in memory because Dispose doesn't call GC.SuppressFinalize
  • B238336 - HTML content isn't shown properly in RichEditControl
  • B237516 - Line Numbering does not work
  • Q521479 - RichEditControl error with multiple UI threads
  • Q515742 - Word wrapping in a simple view is limited by 8 characters
DXSpellChecker for Silverlight
  • Q519333 - AfterCheck event is not raised after upgrading to 12.1.12
  • B238007 - TextBox remains grayed out after the SpellChecker dialog window is closed
eXpressApp Framework
  • B238293 - Application Server - Error when service is deployed using WCF and a call to execute a stored procedure is sent from the client
  • Q515702 - AuditTrail - NullReferenceException occurs when modifying KPI indicator's chart via wizard
  • B232141 - FileAttachment.Web - Upload control does not show progress
  • B238296 - Model Editor - Custom editors invoked from the property inspector did not save any value
  • B237872 - Table Of Contents ( TOC ) - Fields are not updated automatically in a document exported to DOCX
XtraBars Suite
  • Q377767 - GalleryItemViewInfo is calculated incorrectly when the BaseGallery.ItemCheckMode property is set to any value except None
  • B237343 - Main form losing focus issue when using RibbonControl and ColorPickEdit popup as a dropdown control
  • Q519640 - RibbonControl is always drawn under other controls
  • B238171 - The DocumentGroup.CustomHeaderButtons property doesn't work
XtraCharts Suite
  • Q520828 - Chart Wizard - Validation error when entering Trend Line point arguments
  • Q520673 - Crosshair tooltip is very slow when a chart contains a big number of Series items
  • Q522043 - DateTime scale - Empty axis values when the PivotGridControl is used to populate a chart's data source
  • Q379051 - Swift plot - Overflow error when the RangeControl is linked to a ChartControl
  • B238566 - The Pie3DSeriesView.SizeAsPercentage property is shown as obsolete but a suitable substitution property isn't specified
  • Q501010 - XRChart - Property names are not visible in chart wizard when data implements IDisplayNameProvider
XtraEditors Library
  • Q520773 - LabelControl - AutoEllipsis when the AllowHtmlString property is set to true
  • Q495342 - SimpleAction and SingleChoiceAction have visual issues within a tab panel
  • Q508956 - WordWrap for CheckEdit is not working properly
XtraGauges Suite
  • Q474519 - Design mode - It is impossible to rename a StateIndicatorComponent item in Visual Studio IDE
  • Q486205 - Gauge position is changed incorrectly when modifying gauge settings at runtime
XtraGrid Suite
  • B238164 - GridControl exports unnecessary rows when the PrintSelectedRowsOnly option is enabled
XtraLayout Suite
  • B238011 - An inner exception is raised after expanding the root LayoutControlGroup
  • Q522109 - It is impossible to retrieve fields at design time when a DataLayoutControl is a nested control
  • Q518167 - LayoutControl - Items are moved when the AppearanceObject.DefaultFont option is applied
  • B234984 - RelativeSize of layout items is calculated incorrectly after an empty item is removed via the XtraLayoutControl's customization tool
  • Q517275 - NavBar located on a DockPanel loses visible groups after docking/undocking its parent DockPanel
XtraReports Suite
  • Q522087 - CriteriaParserException when entering an invalid filter text in a report designer
  • B238410 - Scripting Window - When a comment is placed after the 'using' directive, script validation throws an exception
  • B238603 - Win32Exception (Error creating window handle) when invoking report wizard
  • Q375322 - XRPivotGrid displays no data if a report's data source is initialized at runtime
  • Q516887 - NullReferenceException when scrolling beyond TextBox bounds in a RichTextEditControl
  • Q519457 - ArgumentException in the MultipleSpacingCalculator.MultipleSpacingCalculator method
  • Q519001 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException in the TableGridCalculator.GetTotalWidthCore method when trying to insert tables into a RichEditControl using InsertHtmlText
  • Q520087 - Bulleted Lists - Corrupted item font formatting when resaving a document to HTML
  • B238500 - Default font modification does not affect styles
  • Q502955 - Docx - ArgumentOutOfRangeException when trying to cut the content of a table
  • B238143 - Images are displayed incorrectly after converting a document to Open Document Format
  • Q498153 - Incorrect footer height when the last paragraph in the footer has line spacing type "At least"
  • Q516017 - Localization - Find and Replace dialogs UI layout is not correct in pt-BR culture
  • Q520245 - Mail Merge - The ArgumentOutOfRange exception is thrown if a template document contains TOC
  • B238390 - RichEdit - Localized values of System.Drawing.Printing enumeration are not taken into account in a popup menu
  • Q511075 - RichEditDocumentServer generates invalid Table Of Content when different page orientations are used
  • Q509413 - RTF Export - InvalidCastException (Unable to cast object of Type Devexpress.XtraRichEdit.Model.FieldCodeStartRun to type Devexpress.XtraRichEdit.Model.FloatingObjectAnchorRun)
  • Q520254 - Table of Content is not generated in conjunction with mail merge
  • Q523351 - The RichEditControl.Document.FindAll method operates incorrectly when SearchOptions equals None
  • B218134 - XRRichText - Error on Azure hosting "web sites"
  • Q486072 - XRRichText Suite does not support hyperlinks in PDF export
XtraScheduler Suite
  • B223066 - ResourcesTree - HorzScrollVisibility property does not operate correctly
  • Q493730 - TimeZoneId does not include values for UTC-11, UTC+12 or UTC-2

New Features/Updates

Coded UI
  • S171956 - Coded UI - Add a possibility to obtain a cell color or cell appearance
  • S171242 - Introduce a way to register CodedUI extensions without installing Visual Studio and MTM
  • Q515929 - Provide a way to get Ribbon child elements by code
  • Q514013 - Provide the capability to get the number of DxMenu items in Coded UI Test
  • S171873 - Provide the capability to support preview lines in XtraGrid as elements for Code UI tests
CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • Q501914 - Spell checking should ignore code generated by resx files

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