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                                  • Dear Devexpress,

                                     I have a editable Datagrid. One Column needs to be edited in a Textarea.
                                    How can  I achieve this ? I cannot figure out how to use a Textarea in the   EditTemplate-section.

                                    Could you please help me out ?


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                                Hello Gert,

                                I recommend you review the Data Grid - Templates demo. Pay your attention to the Availability column and how the EditTemplate template for this column is implemented. You can use the same approach with the default HTML element:

                                        <DxDataGridColumn Field="@nameof(WeatherForecast.Summary)" Caption="Summary">
                                                    var value = ((CellEditContext)context).CellValue.ToString();
                                                    <textarea @onchange="@((arg) => ((CellEditContext)context).OnChanged(arg.Value))">@value</textarea>

                                Let me know if this information helps.