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                                  •  Hi,
                                    im trying to draw a pie chart with only one slice. doing so by adding a second "transparent slice" in the data :

                                    Data = new Collection<DataPoint> { new DataPoint ("Bikes", 142345, Colors.Transparent.ToString()), new DataPoint ("Clothing", 120007, Colors.Green.ToString()) };

                                    here is the chart :

                                    <dxc:ChartControl Grid.Column="2" Grid.Row="0"> <dxc:SimpleDiagram2D> <dxc:PieSeries2D x:Name="series" DataSource="{Binding Path=Data}" ArgumentDataMember="Argument" Rotation="90" ValueDataMember="Value" BorderBrush="Black" ColorDataMember="HexaColor" BorderThickness="15" LabelsVisibility="False" LegendTextPattern="{}{A}: {V}" HoleRadiusPercent="0"> <dxc:PieSeries2D.Model> <dxc:FlatPie2DModel /> </dxc:PieSeries2D.Model> </dxc:PieSeries2D> </dxc:SimpleDiagram2D> </dxc:ChartControl>

                                    Unfortunalty when i set the second slice to transparent i lose the black outerline of the slice as u can see in the attached image.
                                    How could i achieve having an outlined transparent slice ? Also can i change the outerline color and thickness ?

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                                It is possible to accomplish this task by defining your own pie model via the CustomPie2DModel. Attached is an example illustrating this approach.

                                • Rocco Benoit 10.31.2019