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                                  • Hi,

                                    I would like to highlight in the chart's tooltip (the one that is poped-up when mouse is hovered over a series on a chart) - the value and series that the mouse is currently pointing to. Can you please point me to a direction how to achieve this.
                                    As a demonstration - please see attached image of what I want to achieve.


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                                Hi Alexander,

                                Use the ChartControl.CustomDrawCrosshair event to highlight a Crosshair label depending on the current ChartControl.CalcHitInfo method result.

                                private void ChartControl_CustomDrawCrosshair(object sender, DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.CustomDrawCrosshairEventArgs e) { ChartHitInfo inf = chart.CalcHitInfo(Mouse.GetPosition(chart)); foreach(CrosshairElementGroup g in e.CrosshairElementGroups) { foreach (CrosshairElement el in g.CrosshairElements) { if (el.Series == inf.Series) el.LabelElement.Foreground = Brushes.Orange; } } }
                                • Alexander Sloutsky 10.24.2019

                                  Thanks, this works.