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                                    I'm using the tagbox control and was wondering the following:
                                    In the examples I see there's a possibility to make items grouped.
                                    This is working but I was wondering how the ordering is done for the groups, this seems to be alphabetic but is there a possibility to make this fixed by the order of the items that got supplied? Or maybe a custom ordering?

                                      I'm talking about the following example:

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                                In the mentioned example, grouping is performed at the dataSource level. Our DataSource arranges the result in the ascendant or descendant order. See the group documentation article for additional information.

                                If you wish to implement custom ordering, use the following structure for your data source objects and place them in the required order.

                                var dataSource = [{ key: "Group 1", // Group caption items: [ // Items in the group { ... }, { ... } ] }, { // ... }];