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                                  • Dear admin,

                                    Now we want to upgrade to newest version to develop xaf on mobile phone?

                                    I want to ask what is version or product can do this!

                                    Thanks and Best regards,

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                                UPDATED on October 28th 2019
                                Thank you for your continued interest in our application framework.

                                At this stage, we cannot recommend a production-ready XAF-based solution to create Android and iOS apps. The former Mobile UI (based on Knockout, DevExtreme and PhoneGap) did not run out of preview and is now in maintenance mode. We do not recommend our users start new projects with it. The option to create a brand new Mobile UI project is still available, but it will likely be removed from the wizard in the future.

                                Last year, we actively developed the new XAF’s React-based SPA UI, but in August 2019 we have made the decision to focus our efforts on Blazor going forward. We will publish additional info in the XAF Team blog as it becomes available.

                                Ways to proceed
                                If you want to create a mobile project in the coming months, I suggest you consider other options:
                                1. Create Web apps for mobile and tablet browsers using DevExpress DevExtreme or ASP.NET components. You can still reuse your XPO/XAF data model in these apps.
                                2. Use Xamarin and other suitable frameworks found in public community resources based on your requirements.
                                3. Check whether the existing XAF WebForms UI meets your needs for tablet browsers. For more information, see ASP.NET Web Application Appearance and our demos:
                                Although it is not optimized for small mobile screens by default, it may still meet your needs in the interim after some customizations. Check out the How to: Use Custom Themes in ASP.NET Applications tutorial and the following customer case-study for more information:
                                4. Use the  XAF Mobile (Maintenance Mode) UI at your own risk. It may still be suitable for small non-critical projects, and we have customers who still use it in production.

                                The following GitHub repositories contain relevant XPO and XAF examples for options #1 and 2:
                                Let me know in case of any further questions.

                                CRUD operations with XPO for various .NET UI technologies
                                Using XAF's Security System in non-XAF .NET Apps powered by XPO