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                                  • Dear Devexpress,
                                    our clients are more frequently asking for mobile version of XAF application. Is this on your roadmap? We would like to avoid effort associated with custom development in case this is planned. BTW there used to be product roadmap in the past, will this be the case? Its important for us to understand strategic plans of devexpress to focus our own development efforts.

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                                The highly anticipated Mobile UI support in the eXpressApp Framework is available as a Preview version in the latest minor build - v15.2.9. The new functionality lets you leverage existing business logic code and easily create iOS and Android apps in addition to existing WinForms and ASP.NET UI options.
                                The mobile apps will reuse the database, certain aspects of the data model, application logic and UI settings from your existing XAF applications. The eXpressApp Framework will also generate the default UI and will let you enable key modules, such as Security. All that combined will save you days or weeks of development time compared to writing a mobile app from scratch.

                                The XAF team would love it if you try the new feature and share your feedback with us. The following resources will help you get started:
                                    Review Online Demo
                                    Follow a Step-by-Step Tutorial
                                    Read Frequently Asked Questions
                                Should you have any issues, the Support Team is always here to help. Once you're successfully through the tutorial, we ask that you fill out a formal feedback survey.


                                This is something we are currently researching and which is on our roadmap, though I cannot give you any release dates at this stage. As for the general roadmap, I answered a similar question at XAF Roadmap - 2015.

                                Returning to a mobile UI, if your clients request this today, it is already possible to achieve this using DevExpress tools. For now, I suggest you check out the following documentation and blog posts that demonstrate how to accomplish this task:

                                1.  Decide what you would use for the client UI part,  e.g. DevExtreme, Xamarin, DataExplorer or other tools.
                                For instance, the documentation for creating and customizing mobile apps with DevExtreme is available here:

                                2.  Decide what you would use for the server part that will feed your client with secured data and execute business logic.
                                For instance, in the simplest case, you can reuse your existing XPO or EF data models by creating OData services. OData is not the only option here, and it is also possible to create an arbitrary data service (probably using WebAPI, StrongLoop) that will provide just the subset or projection of data you need since the domain model needed for mobile scenarios will be far more lightweight than the domain model for desktop apps.
                                Within custom service methods, you can access any data (e.g., through XPO, EF or even direct database connection!) and return POCO data back to the client as JSON or another format.
                                See the following help links for more details:
                                    eXpress Persistent Objects > Design-Time Features > OData Service Wizard
                                    How do I create OData V4 endpoint using ASP.NET Web API and XPO data model?
                                    Create an OData v4 Endpoint Using ASP.NET Web API 2.2 + Entity Framework

                                3.  Implement authentication, authorization and other business logic in your client and server applications.
                                See the following help links for more details:
                                    Login page - How to implement application security with DevExtreme
                                    eXpressApp Framework > Concepts > Data Manipulation and Business Logic > Access XAF Application Data in a non-XAF Application
                                    eXpressApp Framework > Task-Based Help > How to: Use the Integrated Mode of the Security System in Non-XAF Applications
                                    Tutorial: Web app with a multi-tenant database using Entity Framework and Row-Level Security
                                    Access the Security System in Code
                                    How to deploy the OData security service in the Cloud for further use by a mobile DevExtreme client
                                Take special note that these are not complete guidelines, but just documents describing the most popular tasks when creating a backend service for a mobile app. You will need to combine these solutions together and customize them according to your business needs.

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                                • 04.06.2015

                                  Hi Dennis,
                                  thank you for your answer. I'm aware of both ODATA sample and DevExtreme products.
                                  Problem is that additional mature functionalities in mobile/JS come with significant development investments (i.e. Devextreme is too far from XAF). I can bridge this, but will be costly. And if I know at the same time you folks are working in the meantime on the same why double the effort? I can focus on business functionalities instead and hire more developers and get more licences from you, which is a win-win scenario....
                                  I would even offer to have a developer work on JS/XAF and have the code be owened by you... just due to amount of time already invested in XAF. But need feedback from Devexpress desparately....

                                • 04.06.2015

                                  just to reiterate... this is not a typical 'support ticket' but a serious call for information exchange, maybe this is not the right channel?! to develop a serious XAF-Devextreme bridge will take me a year or so anyhow, so I guess the roadmap question is legitimate, or?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 04.07.2015


                                  Thanks for your update. I fully understand that this is not a regular support case and this is the right channel to contact on this as I am one of the team leads of our Frameworks business unit.
                                  While we are working on this feature, at this time I cannot provide you with a specific release date on which you can base your development plans. Should you have specific mobile use-case scenarios from your clients to be discussed, feel free to email me at I will be more than happy to learn more on your business requirements.

                                • 04.07.2015

                                  Hi Dennis, our clients (and leads) are asking for mobile access to current XAF-based application. At the same time our requirement is to maintain only single codebase (to maximum extend possible). If you want to understand our product business-wise I can give you access to a demo... Likely not all modules would be needed from start, but at least auditrail, statemachine, conditional appearance, security, scheduler, attachments, treelisteditor, notifications, validation and reportv2 are the ones used most frequently.

                                • 04.07.2015

                                  PS: XPF XAF would also be nice :-)

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 04.07.2015

                                  If you want to understand our product business-wise I can give you access to a demo... Likely not all modules would be needed from start, but at least auditrail, statemachine, conditional appearance, security, scheduler, attachments, treelisteditor, notifications, validation and reportv2 are the ones used most frequently.
                                  Thanks for your feedback. We will unlikely need a demo, but rather a list of concrete user stories or short scenario/problem/requirement descriptions (preferably in the Given [initial context], when [event occurs], then [ensure some outcomes] notation) as well as other supporting info such as screenshots, screen sizes to support (e.g., approaches for small mobile or medium tablet devices are totally different). For instance, from the modules list you provided it is not quite clear how you planned to use the Scheduler, TreeListEditor, and ReportsV2 modules on mobile devices and what concrete functions of these modules your clients require. It would also be great to have a list of the most important scenarios for other modules too, such as ConditionalAppearance, StateMachine, Notifications. I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me this essential info on your business requirements at

                                • 04.14.2015

                                  Hi Dennis, have sent you a concrete user story on your email. Cheers

                                • Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team) 04.14.2015

                                  the problem is very urgent for us
                                  I will describe a little of our experience add for XAF Web-Apps - Mobile-client
                                  implemented in one project UMS (UniversityManagementSystem)
                                  it was found that the typical WEB-scenario is not applicable to the mobile client, we needed:

                                  1. offline-client (unlike on-line Web-client)
                                  2. use of native push notification
                                  3. Integration with native Calendar
                                  Our mobile-client implemented only part of the functional: "view class schedules" and "order for change of schedule"
                                  our experience is as follows:
                                  1. required re-design the Mobile-client and functional requirements
                                  2. transfer 100% functional web-client to Mobile-client - is wrong path design Apps
                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 04.15.2015

                         Thanks, I have received it..
                                  @Alexander Krakhotko: We greatly appreciate your feedback too.