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                                  • Hi, I am currently using a SearchLookUpEdit together with a custom IListServer for a drop down that can have thousands of options. It's not ideal as it becomes very difficult to find particular options.

                                    Is it possible to customise the grid in the view, e.g. to add filtering to the columns, or is it better to use a different control? Specifically, is there anything like the filter row in devextreme?

                                    I have been considering using something like a ButtonEdit or PopupContainerEdit that looks like the SearchLookUpEdit, but opens a popup containing a grid.

                                    much appreciated

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                                If you need to customize a grid inside a popup, I suggest you use PopupContainerEdit with GridControl within its popup window instead. A similar approach is used in our How to provide the MultiSelect functionality for GridLookUpEdit example. Refer to it for more details.
                                Please let us know if you have further questions.