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                                  • Hi there,
                                    I created a navigation item "Dashboards" in the main node and I want to add all dashboards under this navigation node. When clicking in the navigation under the "Dashboards" node on a generated navigation, it should open the dashboard. It basically is like creating an IModelDashboardNavigationItem
                                    I currently have this code.

                                    public class DashboardNavigationController : WindowController { protected override void OnFrameAssigned() { base.OnFrameAssigned(); Frame.GetController<ShowNavigationItemController>(controller => controller.CustomInitializeItems += Controller_CustomInitializeItems); } private void Controller_CustomInitializeItems(object sender, HandledEventArgs e) { var model = Application.Model as IModelApplicationNavigationItems; if (model.NavigationItems.Items.GetNode("Dashboards") is IModelNavigationItems dashboardNavigation) { using (var os = Application.CreateObjectSpace(typeof(ClaeverDashboardData))) { foreach (var dashboardData in os.GetObjects<ClaeverDashboardData>(CriteriaOperator.Parse("[ShowInDefaultNavigationGroup] = ?", true))) { var navItem = dashboardNavigation.Items[0].AddNode<IModelDashboardNavigationItem>(); navItem.Caption = dashboardData.Title; navItem.DashboardTitle = dashboardData.Title; navItem.View = Application.Model.Views.GetNode("DashboardViewer_DetailView") as IModelView; } } } } }

                                    It does show the dashboard in the navigation, but when clicking, it gives an error saying: The requested object can not be found.
                                    How can I make the dashboard viewer open when clicking the navigation item?

                                • Jacob de Boer © 01.15.2020
                                  The error occurred: Type: UserFriendlyException Message: Opgevraagde object is niet gevonden en kan niet worden verwerkt. Data: 0 entries Stack trace: bij DevExpress.ExpressApp.XafApplication.ProcessShortcut(ViewShortcut shortcut) bij DevExpress.ExpressApp.SystemModule.ShowNavigationItemController.ShowNavigationItemCore(SingleChoiceActionExecuteEventArgs args) bij DevExpress.ExpressApp.SystemModule.ShowNavigationItemController.ShowNavigationItem(SingleChoiceActionExecuteEventArgs args) bij DevExpress.ExpressApp.Actions.ActionBase.ExecuteCore(Delegate handler, ActionBaseEventArgs eventArgs) InnerException is null

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                                Hello Jacob,

                                Please check the solution suggested in the following ticket: Create a NavigationItem to show directly a dashboard created at runtime for each Dashboard visible for the user. Replace DashboardData with your ClaeverDashboardData type.
                                If this does not help, provide a small sample project demonstrating the issue.