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                                  • I am putting a data grid inside of an accordian and I cannot get two way binding to work.

                                    If I put the datagrid in by itself (wiht no accordian), changes in the grid are reflected in the model in the directive.

                                    That won't work for me, though.  I am working on a IoT UI and I need to show a list of devices for each location and allow the user to select devices.  I am using an accordian to show the locations.  When the user expands a location, I have a grid that shows the device with a check box to allow selection.

                                    If I preselect the devices before binding my model to the datasource ( dataSource: scope.cp.dataset), the proper devices are selected.  So binding works that way.

                                    However, if I select devices in the grid, the underlying data model is not being updated.

                                    I suspect that this has something to do with scope, but I cannot figure it out.  Can you help me?

                                • Harold Frederick 01.14.2020


                                  Can you please send us a sample project illustrating your current scenario? You can fork one of our demos, modify it to match the current scenario and send the forked link here. It will help us to find a precise solution. We look forward to your response.

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